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  1. well theres one who remembers me LOL. Thats a beautiful truck! someday when i grow and ditch a couple of these other money pits, Ill have one of those too!
  2. 47 views and not ONE reply? come on fellas...you were a lot of help back when this project started. is nobody here broke like I am, and having fun with these older sport trucks? LOL
  3. Holy s**t fellas...didnt realize it has been nearly two YEARS since Ive visited here. Anyone remember me lol? I signed on after purchasing my 92 silverado from the original owner who swore up and down it was a ss350...something I had never heard of. Anyhow- I had mentioned a little bit about building a new engine for it and never posted any updates. Now 2 years later, the swap is long over, and has racked up 38k miles...how time flies. For a quick recap, the goal was to keep the original 5.7 TBI setup, find a good combination of power and mileage on 87 octane....this IS my daily driver, not a hotrod. Heres a few pics and vids. Im pretty happy with how it performs for a low budget smallblock with a puny flat tappet (yep) cam, factory 5.7 throttle body and 87 octane. Best 1/8 mile to date is a 9.30 @ 76mph......with a 700r trans, NON posi 3.08 rear and 275/60 cooper all season radials!!! Hope you guys enjoy!!! dyno pull: sound clip:
  4. aaah, I dunno...shes had some exhaust/throttle body work done which REALLY woke her up......I think shes capable of a blazing 16 second run local 1/8 mile strip is only 15 min from me..I DO plan to blow it up....oops, I mean....RUN it...... before I swap engines, and will post results.
  5. THANKS, fellas! she is purdy for a 16 year old truck. I picked it up for 2500 cash and drove it home! 178k miles, needed a water pump, and serious front brake work. ever see someone run the front pads down SO far, they go PAST metal-to-metal, and the caliper pistons were worn about 3/8 of an inch- into the rotors!!!!! this guy was definitely more concerned with the appearance than maintenance- hence the reason Im putting a new engine in- shes using a little oil. P.S.- as far as power, I did a 3" hi flow cat, flowmaster super 44 muffler and out the back with 2.5" tailpipes, gutted the factory air intake, K&N filter, ported throttle body and cranked up the fuel pressure. definitely runs strong, but pops bone stock 04 Silvie SS will pass me like im tied to a fencepost hahaha! hopefully that new engine will help.....
  6. New engine, almost done-- going under the hood of my 92 silverado sport. 360CI smallblock, 9.7:1, ported Vortec heads, mild comp cam, edelbrock intake, headers, and yes the factory TBI system (modified) No animal, as this is my daily driver. If it clicks off a low 14sec pass, Ill be thrilled. still, compared to the anemic 210hp 350 thats in there now, it oughtta feel pretty strong.
  7. thanks for the info fellas! i got some replies to this on my 'intro' thread as well. Original owner is a friend, and swears it is a SS, but 'sport' is kinda what I figured. It definitely is NOT any type of performance package- just appearance. base 350, 700-r4 and 3.08 geared 10 bolt. Detjoe/slicksilvie- funny you mention an engine swap- I own a speed shop and am just finishing up a new one. 360CI smallblock, ported Vortec heads, small comp cam, etc.... and hope to see 300hp/400tq on my dyno, and maybe a low 14 sec timeslip. Nothing crazy, as this is my daily driver. I have a street/strip 66 cutlass that runs in the 10s (on pump gas) if I want to haul the mail
  8. thanks for the help fellas. i think bad bowtie hit the nail on the head. It is definitely NOT any performance package like the 454SS- just a base 350, 700-r4 trans and 3.08 non-posi 10 bolt. Appearance package only is what i figured. thanks again fellas! Ill be lurkin around here for a bit, and will post some timeslips when I get my new engine installed. (nothing to get excited about.....maybe a low 14sec ride)
  9. I recently bought a 1992 Silverado from the original owner. It is supposed to be a SS, but has a TBI350 under the hood. Truck is a 2wd shortbox, all black including grille and bumpers, maroon interior, bucket seats, gauge package, etc...and factory chrome wheels. (It is indentical to a SS454) The original owner took the decals off the box sides, but theres still a 'Chevrolet SS" decal on the lower RH side of the tailgate. I cant find any info on such a truck, built with a 350 under the hood. Ran a carfax report, and this IS the original engine. Is this something rare, or is it some kind of clone? Thanks for the help!!!
  10. Just stumbled across this site, trying to get some information on a truck I just bought. Anyone ever heard of a 1992 Silverado SS (identical to the SS454) but........with a 350? Hopefully someone can help me out here.
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