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  1. Anyone interested in a front diff off of a 2003 SSS unit has 96xxx miles, works perfectly. Due to the weight I'm not looking to ship. I'm in Santa Clarita CA if you want to meet up locally that would work best. Asking $200 obo.
  2. Have a pair of Escalade door handles the ones that are chrome, they are in good condition $30 shipped obo. https://photos.app.goo.gl/B2EKYCxPuHyHNKiF9
  3. Auto Meter 5701 Phantom Mechanical Boost/Vacuum Gauge with holder. Had this on my 03 supercharged SS, works perfectly. Looking for $100 shipped obo dont have much use for it anymore so I need it gone. Here's a crappy pic of it on my truck it goes in place of the SS badge on the dash. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3PtcWd1wzshgT3FE8 Here's a pic of the piece https://photos.app.goo.gl/BvbJJA2wPxMqzv4t5
  4. I have a brand new LS2 throttle body I never used. It's 90mm, gold blade i wont be using it so looking for $150 shipped **SOLD** I also have a set of used 8.1 marine injectors these were on my supercharged SSS. Looking for $100 shipped. **SOLD** Open to offers I dont really need these parts so i want them gone. I will post some pics up later this afternoon.
  5. Calipers, rotors and new brake pads
  6. I have some random stuff available i don't need any of these things and i want to clear out the garage. All of these came off of a 2003 Silverado SS 1 20" OEM silver SS rim (no center cap) $100 **SOLD** 2003 Silverado SS "rear" drive shaft $80 E fans $80 Power steering pump and alternator with bracket both in good working condition $80 **SOLD** 2003 Silverado SS front diff (no driveshaft) $250 2003 Silverado SS rear end (no caliper or rotor) $250 Baer brakes front and rear setup with new brake pads $600 Intake manifold with throttle body $60 **SOLD** Passenger air bag $100 Rear view mirror $40 Might have a couple of other odds and ends will post up later. If you need pictures please send me a message and I'll get them to you asap.
  7. Magnaflow universal catalytic converter part # 339009 CA compliant 3" in/3" out brand new. I have 2 $200 For the pair. Shipping is included.
  8. I have some brand new oxygen sensors and a Trailblazer SS airbag with the Silverado SS emblem sticker on it that I never installed. Prices include shipping. If you need pics PM me. I will try to load some up later this afternoon. NTK # 21514 (downstream) I have 2 $60 a piece. Denso # 234-4669 (upstream) I have 2 $40 a piece. Airbag $150
  9. Mm That wasn't even my point this conversation went way south of my point.
  10. Bro we live in a age of technology anything can be faked if you really want it and faked so good you can't even tell it's fake. For you it might be difficult. It's all about knowing the right person and fortunately for me I do. You can be happy with your intimidator im not trying to take anything away from people who own one without the COA but in my case i wouldn't purchase one without the COA that was my point, my opinion.
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