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  1. gbspigskin

    Jotd: Calling In Sick To Work.

    yet another reason i hate cats and will never own one of those little bastards. never hear about a dog doing anything like this!
  2. gbspigskin

    Nfl Is Back!

  3. gbspigskin

    Modern Warefare 2 Gamertags Only

    gbspigskin PS3
  4. gbspigskin

    Selling Your 07 Ss On Ebay? Read Me

    can someone clear up the scam for me? im not really sure whats goin on
  5. gbspigskin

    The Things I See In Traffic

    i think the technical term for the dodge is "Chevy Envy"
  6. gbspigskin

    Am I The Oldest Guy On The Site?

    25 and lovin every minute of it!
  7. gbspigskin

    Does Your Ss Have A Nickname?

    I call mine Doc. dont ask me how it got the name or why
  8. gbspigskin

    Things You Can Do To A Corvette

    these are prime examples of too much time and money and not enough brains
  9. gbspigskin


    ill wait till the next generation comes out for the ipad. It seems like they left a lot of room for growth and this model is just gonna be a feeler.... I wish they would put the Snow Leopard OS on the ipad.
  10. gbspigskin

    Now This Wouild Be A Fun Project

    just to throw my hat in the ring, the 850 is a sexy machine, and yours is beautiful
  11. gbspigskin

    Now This Wouild Be A Fun Project

    that would be a nice build, building my buddy's LS powered RX7 in his garage was a fun project too.... putting an LS motor where it was not intended is always fun
  12. gbspigskin

    Merry Christmass

    Merry Christmas to all of you and your families!
  13. gbspigskin

    Who Misses ..... ?

    I miss money, working, and not being stressed about bills.... this economy blows. I hate all this down time, i cant sit still and now i have nothing but time and money is too tight to fill the surplus time with fun stuff.
  14. gbspigskin

    Help My Truck Shuts Off

    Yep I had this problem too, and its a simple fix. Take tb off hold the blade open with your finger and use THROTTLE BODY CLEANER and clean all the crap out of the tb and clean the edge of the blade too to remove anything that might make it stick. All thats happening is the engine goes underload and the throttle plate doesnt let in enough air cuz it sticks and it just stalls. DONT SPRAY THE CLEANER DIRECTLY ON THE TB! spray on a rag and wipe the inside and throttle body blade real well and you should be good. good luck!
  15. gbspigskin

    Black Ss On Pawn Stars

    kinda get the weird feeling its ALL staged, just like the show Operation Repo... None the less both shows make for some funny entertainment. Have not seen the SS though