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  1. nm must be someone with the same thing as me im from northern va
  2. thats me! i have a arrival blue ss with white stripes on the hood
  3. i have a lunati voodoo 272/278 cam and a 3200 stall. the cams power band is 3500-6500. what intake manifold would be the best for this setup? i was thinking the vic jr becasue ive heard it is designed for top end power (3500 plus) and thats right at my cams power band and with the 3200 stall it shouldnt take me to long to get up to the sweet spot for both the cam and intake.
  4. 1993-94 trans sport (same thing as the montana) comes with a 3.8 non supercharged they sell kits to swap a supercharger on for $200 with out the blower and then $200-$300 for the blower. then after that cam heads and pulley and that will be one sick mini van
  5. i think i will tell him to go with the Pontiac ive always been a fan of the 3800 series ever sense my grandfather had a 03 buick gs. after about $1000 in mods it was a true sleeper
  6. o and not a old turbo caravan he wants something new
  7. ok ive been asked by my friend what type of mini van should he get. he wants to make a sleeper out of it and his goal is high 13's or low 14's and im not sure exactly how much he has to spend but money isnt really a problem for him he just wants something that he can drive his kids in but at the same time not feel like a soccer mom. my guess was everything would have to be pretty much custom made but i was wondering if anyone had some ideas. maybe the nissan quest its the same engine as a 350Z (vq35de)
  8. i guess i could go with a stall but i want to keep it as low as possible what should i go with? i need something i can drive 80% of the time in city traffic and parking lots?
  9. im looking to buy my self a Christmas present and i was wondering if this cam would work without gitting a higher stall the specs are: 272 278 222 228 .567 .567 113°
  10. i found this dash cover from Nu Dash and it seems like it is a quality part and would really make my interior look custom. does anyone already have this?? if so can i see some pics? nu dash covers
  11. yea after i get though all the chrismas bills i should have some left over for heads and cam or nitrous
  12. well we raced about 20 min ago and 1st we went from a light and i had about 3 lenghts on him at 90. he insisted on going from a roll so we went at 30 and my 75 i was about a lenght on him. i was really suprised but part of it is i think hes not the best driver
  13. my friend just got a srt 4 and he wants to race. i think i will win from a stop but from a roll? i have awd, cai,lt headers and cat back, plugs and plug wires a tune and efans. he has cat back and intake and is running 10 or 12 psi? O and i dont think that he is that good at shifting b/c its his first stick and hes only had the car for 2 weeks
  14. my friend has a set on 853 casting heads that are polished and have ls6 valve springs i believe. he told my he would give them to me because they are just laying around so i was going to swap them and sell my 317's so i would have money for a cam. are these good heads for a cam swap or are they better for FI setups? or are the 317's better?
  15. last week i got a trans go hd2 shift kit installed and now it draining on the battery. i would guess a ground wasnt hooked up but i cant find any wires loose. could i just run a ground from the tranny to the frame? what else could this be?
  16. i have a 03 sss and i currently have a black bear tune, tr6 plugs, msd wires, a shift kit full exhaust (obx long tubes) and a k&n cai. over the next couple of months i want to build up my truck but keep it completely streetable and decent gas milage. i plan on doing a tbss intake swap,e fans, 150 shot and a cam. i was reading on another post (cant remember the site) and a guy put a stock z06 cam in his escalde and claimed power and mpg increase. would this work on our trucks, both lq9's right? would this cam be ok for nitrous? also what springs and other parts would i need to get, re
  17. i saw someone selling a whipple for a 99-02 6.0 and i was wondering if this would fit our trucks, if not how hard would it be to make it? it looks to me its not the one that mounts on the side of the engine.
  18. well im at some point i want to supercharge but im 19 and cash isnt free so the spray looks more like an option. but im looking to keep the truck pretty much streetable because i live in the city and im not looking for anything thats going to be to hard to go back to stock because of the strict emmisions where i live (d.c. area)
  19. also would the gt2-3 cam work with nitrous or blown set ups because i would like something i could use later on
  20. thanks guys been alot of help and i do have someone to do the tune, justin from blackbear live in the area and ill just need a retune.
  21. i have a 03 sss and i have k&n cai tr6 plugs and msd wires (which i dont think the plugs and wires matter) and flow master muffler. i also have a shift kit on the way. i was wondering what cam should i go with being its a daily driven city truck. im looking for somthing that will make a big differance in low end tq but not somthing i cant go on the high way and get 3mpg with. pls help me with brands lift info or model numbers. thanks also what type of gains if known will i get 0-60, hp/tq, 1/4 mile or anything like that
  22. im getting ready to order a set of dmh cutouts and i belive stock exhaust is 2.5 inches right? also one of the questions when you order is how much cable you need to run from the cut outs to the switch. how many feet do you all think? 10 15?
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