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  1. Dang Brad!! What did you get to replce it? I hate those damn things. They were on it when I got it but thats gonna change here soon I hope.
  2. Thanks everyone! Ignore the ugly wheels that are on the D-Max now they will be gone soon. So far I have done a Edge Evolution Race programmer, CAI and 5" turbo back MBRP full exhaust, it ran a low 12 sec in the 1/4. I was very impressed with it. I aint gonna do any more performance mods for now but I am going to do a 8"-10" lift with some BMF Novicain 20X12 with some Nitto Mud Grapplers 40X16.5X20. I have two options now for a new career. First is SWAT in Nashville and the other I really want to do is Game Warden for the TWRA here in Tennessee. It is going to be about 4-6 months before I get actually get conformation but I plan on going to school full time till then.
  3. I posted some on the sss.com facebook page. Ill post one up real quick
  4. I seen mine too Doug, they had mine listed at $21,999 lol what a jip huh
  5. Hey everyone, I have been very busy lately and really havent been on much at all. I will be out of the Army thursday after 8 years I am ready for the challenge to start a new life. I just wanted to stop in and say hello and let yall know I aint going anywhere even though I dont have the SS anymore, I have too many friends on here I like to keep in touch with. Thanks Justin
  6. Good progress Doug can't wait to see it all buttoned up!
  7. Hell yeah brother post some clips up for us
  8. I just traded mine about a month ago. I was letting it go dirt cheap too
  9. the stocker just ate the clutches, the performabuilt I got from Steve works for about 50 miles then it stopped shifting and I had to manualy do it then after a week or so it started slipping in all gears. Im not sure if it need tuning or it was electrical but I had enough of it
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