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  1. armedanddangerous

    Gm oem Parts for sale

  2. armedanddangerous

    Brake ducts

    What do u all use to remove the brake duct grilles ?????
  3. armedanddangerous

    Wtb grey brake duct grille right side

    Or if anyone is selling the pair ill buy the pair
  4. Got me a power stop set for the front thanks for the help ill post pics when i get them installed with the hawk pads.
  5. armedanddangerous

    Wtb grey brake duct grille right side

    Wtb grey brake duct grille right side
  6. armedanddangerous

    Clone-cab corners

    Or any shops in the rgv that can make them ??
  7. armedanddangerous

    Clone-cab corners

    Need someone to make my cab corners for a clone i have the oem claddings. Anyone??
  8. armedanddangerous

    American racing headers

    Not yet havent taken them off. And i have no clue what the diffrence is. I already had a set of tsp and when i got the truck it had arh on. So im keeping the tsp just cause they r new.
  9. armedanddangerous

    Anyone have these?

    Power slot/stop tech
  10. armedanddangerous

    American racing headers

    No cats
  11. armedanddangerous

    American racing headers

    I guess ill find out this weekend and i already had ordered texas speed headers brand new so its either sell these or the texas speed im gonna put the texas speed on and sell these regardless what would be a fair price for these ??i got that pic from arh
  12. armedanddangerous

    American racing headers

    Any offers ???
  13. armedanddangerous

    American racing headers

    Havent had a chance to take them off hopefully this weekend