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  1. That's the issue that Ball Joint stud was trimmed and spacers were added 🥴 boot still keeps breaking and cv axle as well
  2. I have a 4wd single cab clone its lowered with upper control arms torsion keys and spindles but the passenger side cv axle keeps breaking its like a 6 inch drop. It has 24x9 intros also the cv boot keeps tearing, anyone have a solutions or had the same thing cv axle has been replaced 3 times. Thanks in advance
  3. Ill ask my son i know we bought them off someone here but i cant remmember who and they were 10 dollars each.
  4. Silverado decal for tailgate the one under the ss emblem i bought some not to long ago from someone just dont recall who it was
  5. Wtb used whipple supercharger For an 07 classic
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