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  1. So I have a 2wd 2006 GMC Sierra vortec max with BV4 package and I lost driver hub today. It has factory 20s. I was hoping to get Timken Ones for it but I can't seem to find them. I'm not 100 percent sure on which ACDelco ones are correct ether. I believe it to be the fw313 instead of the fw310 but tbh idk what the differences in the two are. I can find the Timken replacement for the fw310 but since im not sure on which is the correct oem part number I'm seeing if anyone can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  2. Come on, surely someone needs one of these
  3. I would take one if you get a couple more people to agree to take one.
  4. These are the ones I used on mine, and mine is stock height. BE5C891HO frt. BE5C892HO rear
  5. I would be interest in one depending on the price
  6. I just order mine from Aimsoil online. It is decent priced if you opt to be a prefered customer and order a few gallons like I did.
  7. Anyone on here running this cam? If so, how do you like it.
  8. I have a 2wd 2006 gmc vortec max. It currently has 75,000 miles on it and has typical bolt on mods; CAI, GMPP cat back, plugs and wires, coolant bypass, Wheatley Tune and soon to be lt headers. It is my daily driver and I pull a boat during the summer that weighs 5,000 lbs with trailer. I love the horsepower, but want to keep it functional for what I need it for. Right now I have no plans of FI. I would like some suggestions on a good cam with a smooth idle to get me some extra ponies without losing any dependability. I should tell you I live in BFE and 91 octane is the highest octane we get out here. Also, what TC would you recommend to go along with it for a good match. Thanks in advance.
  9. I use the aimsoil 25,000 mile 5w30 and their Ea filters. I change between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. On another note, my wife had a 1999 Cougar before we were married and she ran conventional 5w30 Quaker State oil in it and would go 10,000 to 15,000 miles between changes on a regular basis (would not listen to me). The car was still running strong and getting 30+ mpg when the transmission went out at 210,000 miles.
  10. I contacted LPP and asked them if they had any plans to make midpipes for the 6.0L. They said there were no plans for now. Too bad, this headers look great.
  11. Has anyone bought the 6.0 setup from Jet Hot? Just wondering if they have the newer style dynatech lt headers.
  12. Yeah, they are the correct shocks. I checked that as soon as they came in. They were in the original boxes and appear brand new, just missing/wrong installation kits. I put the rear ones on this morning, they are a firmer ride than factory. Thanks for your help.
  13. I called Bilstein and the dang installation kit I have isn't even correct, so I ordered 2 kits for like 8 bucks each. Thanks for all of your help guys.
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