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  1. I've got a vibration under load at highway speeds, thinking my drive shaft could possibly be out of balance. I noticed it has a shinny spot on the drive shaft and my crossmember has an area in which is also shiny above the driveshaft. Just wanted to get some input from anyone else lowered 3/4 and a c notch. (i also do not have the shims under the springs installed for better driveshaft angle)
  2. tburkdoll

    Me vs. 2014

    I know shadowsniper personally and yes he is a hell of guy...I also know he is friends with zippy. Im just calling like i see it, most of the time arguing online or "calling people out" without any "proof" is pretty much pointless. There is no "band wagon" either, Its just guys that have a lot of respect for him.
  3. Ready to get the new parts on

  4. tburkdoll

    Me vs. 2014

    AugustBurnsRed19, Respect is earned not given, Zippy has tuned many large builds on this site as well as other cars/trucks outside this forum, He knows his stuff. He has went above and beyond with helping others get things dialed in correctly. Its not a "bandwagon" when he has earned his title of one of the most knowledgeable people on this site. You're not going to receive any respect by simply running your mouth. You've been active for a year and have not been around long enough to have earned the respect that others have. Many of the respectful people have left this site due to ignorance of people like you.
  5. Price will also vary depending on the line of paint and clear used... some shops maybe cheap but you maybe getting lower quality products used... Top tier shops will generally use top tier products. Top tier products will be warrantied by the paint company as long as it was applied correctly by certified painters.
  6. Cant remember what the big nut size is (it is on this site somewhere) and yes remove the large nut and also the 6 bolts on the inner side. Should be able to work the cv shaft out of the way. Will make life much easier when you go to removing the spindle from the stock LCA.
  7. I've been around since august but still feel new lol a meet up and cruise would be a good time
  8. I'm going to be doing this in the near future as well. I was looking under the truck the other day and noticed i had a lot of play in the short driver side axle shaft. I could grab the CV shaft and wiggle the actual axle shaft. Just wondered if that was normal or at least if that how yours was Matt.
  9. Haven't been since the nationals in KC but i may make it down for this
  10. lmc truck might have it... http://www.lmctruck.com/icatalog/ce/full.aspx?Page=34 goodluck!
  11. Welcome to the site, I'm a Kansas guy but now live near Cincinnati
  12. You should read into this build by Zippy... http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/71059-my-mule-project/?hl=%2B408+%2Btahoe
  13. I might suggest c-notching the frame if you do decide to go 3/4, most days you're fine without it but on those days when you're loaded down the c-notch is a life saver, Norcal sells these as well. I went 3 years without a notch and finally did it earlier this year, now kicking myself for not doing it sooner ..just my 2 cents
  14. Welcome from a little ways up the road! Goodluck with the mod bug lol
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