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    I ran a newer Wrx last week. Off the line he pulled about a length and a half but after that i stuck right there with him. We only went to about 50 or 60 but i'm sure any further and he would have walked me. Caught him at the next light and he was all grins. I had to remind him he beat a pick up truck, and not by a whole lot either. I think the newer WRX's run faster than the last gen STi's. Hell the new STi's run low 13's stock, I think the new WRX's run mid to high 13's stock. Dont know if he was modded, didn't look like it, but damn that AWD is a mother off the line. I think i would have done better on a roll.
  2. From what ive been reading, the gearing is what really makes or breaks the new dodges. Unless they are equipped with the 3.92 rear end, they aren't any faster than the 3rd gen hemis. I think stock for stock, with the 3.92 gears, they are pretty much even with us Tundra guys. Ive seen identical times/trap speeds for both trucks. The Tundra double cab and the ram equivalent but run about 14.6-14.8 @ 96 mph bone stock. As for the new Ram R/T, there are a few guys who hit 13.7 stock in almost perfect DA. I think the best a stock RCSB tundra has done a 13.9, but not sure what the DA was on that run. Could have been faster in better DA. Still pretty fast for no mods.
  3. I know a few Titan guys in florida that would race you, but if your stock, it kinda isnt fair. Most of them are into the 13's. Then again, you lucky bastards get DA in the -1000's in florida. I dont know about you but I get just as much of a rush racing at the track as i did racing on the street. I dont know about Florida, but in Cali, thats a huge ticket/impound with the chance of your ride getting crushed.
  4. They did the same thing to a buddy of mine with a built 427 TBSS at irwindale about a month ago. They wouldnt let him run with cut outs and he had no way of closing them. He bought the TBSS that way from texas. Kinda sucks because for as loud as his truck was (sounded awesome) most of the muscle cars there were just as loud if not louder. Hell, some of the little ricer gutted out civics are just as loud and no one tells them anything.
  5. Man, thats awesome you got a new PB. I was really hoping to get one too, but instead did way worse than previous times. Im gonna pull out my tuner and see if its making a difference. 14.7 @ 95 is bad. I spun and messed up my 60' time (2.4) and then it went all down hill from there. I was really hoping to break into the 13s.
  6. Hey man we're meeting up at 5:30 at the arco or velero gas station off Cherry. Look for a bunch of Titans and tundras. We have a RCSB Tundra going with the TRD Supercharger. His first time at the 1/4.
  7. np man, just make sure you calibrate it. On one run i did the 1/4 mile in 11.28 seconds at 148 mph and was putting out over 1000 hp. I mean its pretty close to what a tundra with my mods will run, but it was a little off.
  8. Those of you with an Iphone or Ipod touch ever use Dynolicous? It'll give you 0-60 times, 1/8 and 1/4 times as well as mph. Even gives you a dyno read out of HP and G's. Hasnt been too too acurate for me so far, but you can calibrate it. http://www.dynolicious.com/
  9. ive raced that guy a few times when he had his titan. Guess he dumped a few grand into it, and i was still able to beat him. Then he went an got that bad boy. I actually called first dibs on him next month until I saw his sig. I totally missed the 427 part, then he went on and told me the rest of his mods. The only thing stock on that TBSS in the intake manifold, and he's gonna change that out soon as well.
  10. About 7k installed. Some dealerships are even finding a way to have it financed with the truck when you buy it.
  11. A lot of things could have accounted for your win. Maybe the cams are making a bigger difference than you think. The DA could have been a lot better than at the track you go to. If the stang is new maybe it isnt broke in yet, or he just cant drive it. Stock GT's (05-08) run a low 14 high 13 second 1/4 stock. Did he leave his traction control on? Maybe you just knew your truck better than he knew his car. Having a fast car and being able to drive it fast are 2 different things.
  12. So i take it it wasnt an WRX or and STI impreza. lol. Those ugly things are well into the 13's stock. And they are AWD as well.
  13. I know what you mean, even better when they have more stickers than glass on their rear window. Smoked a Civic Si last week at irwindale. He ran a 10.2 to my 9.03.
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