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  1. If u have any basic tools you can take it out and reinstall it yourself, that usually saves you about 400 bucks and with the tips I can provide it will literally take u 30 minutes with basic hand tools, if your interested I can tell u everything u will need and all the tricks to get it out and in without taking the tires off. Ive rebuilt mine and a buddies and both have lasted another 100k. Im about to the point where I gotta jump in it again but like said before they dont last forever even properly maintained. Just shoot a pm if interested in free knowledge.
  2. Congrats on the new ride, nothing to say really but time to dig in.
  3. If the truck is only popping under launch and maybe decent pulls off the line and does not do it cornering or under normal driving conditions the chain has stretched inside the case and its time for a case caver, chain and if your inclined whatsoever with a set of tools do a full rebuild while your in there which is pretty sraight forward with these transfer cases.
  4. If its a popping noise everyone is wrong and I can assure u its the chain in the transfer case skipping teeth. I win!
  5. Also while checking for stored codes check to see if all the checks have been ran to make sure he didnt just clear the codes or disconnect the battery.
  6. Like stickler said its pretty straight forward job with common tools, dont have to have pullers if your handy with a cut off wheel lol but will need a press to put them back on. Two day job and can do a full rebuild for just over 100 bucks.
  7. Output shaft bearing is bad, simple fix just have a good pair of snap ring pliers to replace that bearing.
  8. Just a heads up its the chain slipping in the transfer case, changing the oil will make u believe its resolved but a stretched chain is just that a stretched chain and it will show its ass again very soon. Simple job to do with minimal tools and am sure theres many How tos on here. If u got any questions I dont mind walking u through everything u need to resolve your issue.
  9. I know thats right lol we make stuff happen around here
  10. Not with that attitude it wont, bring that b*^ch to my house well make it fit!
  11. Def awd bein a 03 unless it has gone through decently extensive work but being from Ohio that would be a waste to turn an awd truck rwd.
  12. Yes that is normal, Ive rebuilt a few myself and let me tell u mark the adjusters as best as you can cause it has always been a bitch for me to get them setup again perfectly. Im about to tear mine out again for a second rebuild myself dammit. Good luck brother and pm me with any other questions
  13. Cluster needs to be rebuilt but def a good lookin truck and low miles, I paid 21 with 40k ten years ago
  14. So the pump is gonna wear holes in ur case for sure over time and that will be just around the main portion of the transfer case. These units are pretty simplistic in design and easy to disassemble and reassemble even for the novice assuming they have done some home work. My bet is if u push up and down on ur rear drive shaft you will have more than an 1/8 of an inch of play causing the yoke to wear on the seal thus making it leak. If that is in fact the case it will be your output shaft bearing going bad which isn't to bad to replace if u have some basic tools. A rebuild kit including the case saver and all the bearings and seals will cost u right around three hundred dollars including a new chain which I would change if I didn't know the mileage on the current chain. If u find u have an abnormal amount of play I'd be more than happy to assist u in finding the right parts and knowledge to tackle this in a day in your garage assuming u know what snap ring pliers are.
  15. I got one in my garage that's black but torn on the edge, my body guy is pretty bad ass so I'll see what he can do to make it look new again and if ur still in need we can do business
  16. Yup, scrap your idea and go with mine.
  17. 2 in 2 out with 2.5" to 3" coming out just in front of the tire with 14" long 4" or 3" polished tips cut at a 45 side by side. I have the same setup aside from a single muffler I have two and it sounds amazing with the perfect drone in the cab and gets a lot of compliments. The length of the tip is so they can't see where the Crome stops and goes to pipe. Just my two cents
  18. Yea i def have the tools to do it and am the lead tech at my shop but no insurance sorry. Sounds like ur looking for a local shop that will dedicate all there time to it and I just can't be put on a three day type deadline when I work a full time job. if u wanna give my shop a call I'll end up being the one to do it and we have insurance and all that good stuff. Flat-out auto in Buford ga, ask for Zac and tell him Brandon sent u.
  19. Down east your always on point my friend, I knew there was something of the sort on here and remember going over at some point. Thank you sir. Btw awd or 2wd, I'm on my phone so I don't signias.
  20. I'm an hour and a half away from you roughly, haven't done one yet but I can do pretty much anything so let me get all the information together and see about a quote to get her taken care of.
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