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  1. cab and rolling chassis with clean title $1200 (no front clip) bed w/gate and new gm bedside $900 or buy cab/chassis/bed/gate with new bedside for $1900 (no front clip)
  2. $300 plus shipping for the rear cover with hardware.
  3. 180k but it is from Oklahoma so there is no rust.
  4. then also.....price the brackets, both step pads and spare access cover.
  5. it was up for sale before. new owner got his grandfathers truck he's been wanting right after he bought this one, so instead of him driving 10hrs up here and 10hrs back he decided to have me resell it for him. gotta have cash, sorry.
  6. looking to possibly trade my oem GMC 20's with tires for some black center OR all chrome 22" Boss 313's with tires. even up. 313'S should be the 22X9.5 with 40mm offset. my wheels 20" gmc 20's with 255/50R20 goodyears with bowtie or GMC centercaps tires were bought last summer. prefer to do it locally, as i don't have any other wheels to put on mine since it's my daily. even up trade.
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