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  1. It has taken me this long because lack of time. We moved in early July, second move in 10 months, working 50 - 60 hr weeks, getting my youngest son enrolled in a new school, my oldest son graduated high school, and has joined the Navy. Life gets busy. I took this time to post becasue I'm on vaction for the past 4 days.
  2. The Holden he's talking about is the company in Australia that made the newer GTO for Pontiac. Yes, she does pull hard. I was shocked how quick this little 4 cylinder is, and it gets 25 mpg on average, so she's quick, I'm driving a standard again, and she's gets good mpg.
  3. In early May, I traded in my SSS. I didn't want to, but I had to. I couldn't afford the payments, and getting $80 in gas every 10 days just had to stop as well. Not owning my own home any more, being the only person in the truck 95% of the time, living in apartments with tight parking lots, most of the time parking the SSS on a public street, and last winter I had alot of trouble parking it because of parking bans/snowdrifts and the trucks lack of a tight turning radious where contributing factors in trading her in as well. I enjoyed my time here, and made a coulpe of long term friends. My wife talked me into getting a 2006 Pontiac Solstice, lowering my monthly payment by 60% and only needing $40 in gas every two weeks it does what we needed it to do.
  4. Welcome to the SSS.com family! Post some pics!
  5. Happy Birthday everyone!
  6. Can you please post a link? I can't find the scene........
  7. I wonder if that will be a deleted scene? "This scene was deleted becasue we thought it made the movie to long"
  8. Welcome to the SSS.com family! Post some pics of your truck!
  9. It was a good movie. My oldest son and I saw it, not as good as the first, but better than the others. Maybe a 6th movie?
  10. I'm going to go see it, my sons and I are fans of the series.
  11. Krispy? Thats my nickname........except I spell it Chrispy......anyway......Welcome to the SSS.com family! Post some pics of your SS when you get a chance.....
  12. Voted.........good luck everyone
  13. I'd be down for that, I just need to get my act together............just a lot of junk going on..........
  14. Sorry to hear about your misfortune........
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