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  1. Its long gone now, I gave it to my son when he got his license and he totaled it. He wasnt hurt in the wreck but his feelings sure was
  2. Is the cladding available
  3. matslp488, and Aksss are ready to go out. I will pm you the tracking info when I send them out.
  4. This is who I have so far... 1. the33z33 2. matslp488 3. Aksss 4. RedRumSS
  5. Im gonna be making some of these tomorrow, How many wants some?
  6. $33.00 shipped, comes with brackets and template to drill with.
  7. Anyone wanting to buy brackets, I have 3 guys interested now but wanting to know if anyone else interested
  8. It is, I would like to have one also.
  9. May be interested in a partial trade on performance parts, like camshaft or headers.
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