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  1. Just curious to see if this drivetrain (mainly the transmission/diffs... not so much the LQ9 motor) holds up to high mileage as well as some of the "standard" drivetrains (4.8L, 5.3L with the 4-speed automatic). Some of you may have seen my post in regards to buying an '03 SSS that has 90K miles...and it seems no one here has high mileage on their SSS'... Post up your mileage and what MAJOR repairs you've had to do... (regular maintenance doesn't really count... that's always a must...) I've looked at two different '03 SSS, and both had 90K miles and drove absolutely flawless....
  2. lol, call me stupid, i'm not a truck guy, but that's exactly what it is... i'm retarded... that thought never even crossed my mind. that is exactly the button i'm talking about. Ok, so that answer's my question about the foglights... there aren't ANY! lmao VIN # checks out, it's definitely a REAL SS. It has the N as the eighth digit in the VIN, indicating a real SS, correct? As only the SS's had the N as the eighth digit indicating the 6.0L LQ9 motor, right? Here's the VIN: 2GCEK19N331355094 and i drove the truck, specifically listening for front-end growl, slipping tranny, driveshaft "clunking" (i've been reading the boards for about 3-4 weeks now).... truck drove absolutely flawless and had absolutely no odd noises while driving or idling... even made sure to accelerate in and out of turns to listen for "clunking" or drivetrain growl (trust me, i was under the hood inspecting everything... i'm a car guy... currently drive a modified '98 Grand Prix GTP... it's seen a best of [email protected] in the quarter) Also, not too worried about mechanical failures (I mean i am, to a certain extent... but I'm simply buying this as a second "recreational" vehicle.... I still have my '98 GTP) I think I may pull the trigger on this one....
  3. Found a truck that I'm seriously considering buying... 2003 Arrival Blue Silverado SS... -90,8xx miles -100% bone stock except for an ARE hard tonneau cover, Line-X spray-on bedliner, and a bug deflector on the front of the hood (painted the same color as the truck). -Has the 6-disc in-dash cd changer, Bose stereo system, tinted glass on rear and side windows, digital climate control, heated leather, etc, etc... Talked the dealer down to $14,500! Now, here's the downside... It has a small scuff along the passenger side (along the bottom fiber-glass body mouldings)... but looks like most of it could be buffed out. No other dents/dings/scratches, just that one scuff along the passenger side (and also on the passenger corner of the front bumper).... although the scuff is hardly noticeable. In any event, my brother is a manager at a body shop... so I could get it repainted if necessary for cheap. No major body damage from what I can tell, all body panels line up just fine. Clean carfax, clean title... yada yada. Also, it's missing the stock foglights.... these trucks DID come with stock fog lights in the lower fascia, correct? It has the fog light button on the dash next to the headight switch... but no foglights? Was afraid that may be from a more serious accident where the entire front clip was replaced... Anyways, does it sound worth it or no? Any issue with high mileage on these drivetrains?
  4. Nice truck, I'm shopping for one myself in the northern Indiana area. How many miles on her, and how much did ya' pay for it? (if you don't mind me asking)
  5. Well, the one I went and looked at in Ohio today I probably won't be buying... It ran like a dream... no noises/ticks/drivetrain growls/driveshaft thunking when turning....nothing. However, it looks like it's been in a slight front-end collision, a lot of the clips were broken and the front bumper sagged a little... bout a 1" gap between it and the upper-piece of the bumper. Was a work truck, so the interior was a little dirty, a tear in the leather on the driver's seat... no bedliner and the bed was all kinds of scratched up (not a big deal, as i'd get a bedliner anyways). Had a few dents, scuffs, scratches...etc.. But, for 90K miles, and talking them down to $14,500.... it's definitely worth it. However, I just found another one, '03 Blue, 90K miles listed for $14,668 in Frankfort, IN... so I'm going to check that one out this week hopefully. I know I'll find the right one eventually!
  6. lmao.... that Top Gun Motors vid is hilarious!
  7. Fort Wayne. And, I actually found a black one (my preferred color) at a dealership in Ohio that I'm going to look at on Saturday. '03, has 90K miles, but they're only asking $14,950.... at a dealership! Has a tonneau cover, Gibson exhaust (exiting right in front of the passenger wheel), tinted windows, vent visors, an LED 3rd brakelight (not sure what the guy was talking about), and "mesh grilles".... this is all what the sales guy told me anyways... and we all know some, if not most, car salesmen don't know shit about cars. http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_...&cardist=88 That's the autotrader ad... suspicious that they didn't include any pics... but the guy said the truck was "flawless" inside and out and ran perfectly... We'll see I guess...as I'm going to check it out. Anything specific I should check for on an '03?.. or even in general?
  8. damn, wish you weren't so far away. anyone know how much it costs to have a vehicle shipped? rough estimate per mile? never bought a vehicle so far away i had to have it shipped, so i'm clueless.... was just curious because i'd love to get into a SSS but can't find any locally...... they're all in TX or CA it seems!
  9. Only thing I don't like about your truck are the graphics on the side.... are those vinyl or painted on? I'd definitely want to remove those (no offense, just being straight forward with ya') Other than that, your truck looks awesome... love the hood. How much would you be looking to get out of it? Also, if you PM or email me some pics/vids at gtpemb (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks a ton for your response!
  10. Just as topic states... Looking for a black or blue 03-05 Silverado SS around the northern Indiana area. If anyone has any leads or has one for sale, please PM/contact me!!
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