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  1. Ugh my bad I meant Radix, nice truck though and 12.3 was movin for such a hot day.
  2. My dad and I were there (guy in blue shirt standing at the fence) looked like you guys had a good time. Whoever had the Silverado SS with the whipple and slicks was running a good time, like a 12.3 I think ? I don't have my TBSS anymore. We should have brought our GCSRT8's we would of had a good time running with you guys, maybe next time. Big MOPAR event this coming weekend 30 Sept I think.
  3. My fathers H2 gets 13 MPG, my 2500 HD gets 11 MPG (regardless of towing a/c or anything else. It always gets 11 MPG). My friends Silverado SS get 11 MPG (regardless). I think the gas guzzler stigma is pretty rediculous. Most "working" Dmaxs get around 15 MPG. By working I mean guys who actually use there trucks to haul trailers and such. For just daily driving most Dmaxs get about 17MPG some get 19MPG, but they are rare. If you want to see a gas guzzler get an 8.1 2500 HD or 3500 HD dually.
  4. I'm sorry maybe it's me this just seems absolutely rediculous. Don't get me wrong I am not a tree hugger, but putting this stuff in to your fuel, for whatever horsepower, and dumping god knows what poisons in to the air (as stated above)seems stupid. Save your money, buy a turbo or supercharger. God, I must be getting old!
  5. Coddingtons work is always rushed and shabby. I mean how many times on the show have you seen them fab up wheel spacers? What a joke he has a wheel shop next door. Hey how about making a wheel with the right offset.
  6. Gm sells a factory kit to add xm radio. Goto GM accessories it should be there. Part number 12498768 not sure if it is compatible with the Bose.
  7. not really unless you have alot of miles on your truck.
  8. No supercharged NGK TR55 plugs, supercharged or nitrous NGK TR6 plugs.
  9. The only thing that worrys me is he pulls out all TM, which is a little spooky to me.
  10. For all 2004 Silverado's it says to replace the DRL's with 4114k bulbs, will the amber 4157NAK, or 3157NALL bulbs work for the 04's?
  11. I don't like mothers products, but the do make a product called "back to black" it works pretty good. It's designed for situations where you've gotten wax on the textured black plastic.
  12. I want to put an SS bumper cover on my Silverado. How does it attach? I know I have to remove the lower valence, but what about the top piece on the bumper? also, are there more parts needed for the front other than the bumper cover and the 3 vent inserts?
  13. Did you consider continuing the stripes acroos the roof and down the tailgate? Just curious that might look good as well. Forgot to add the Silver Birch looks awsome not so hotroddish. No offence to everyone else (my trucks arrival blue).
  14. Is it me or does this remind everyone of that scene in the movie Jaws. "I got that beat ........"
  15. Cross drilled rotors crack ALOT! Dude, just get slotted, they don't have the "cool" factor but they wont crack either. I would not be surprised to here the Ap's cracked as well. Save yourself the heart ache, get the slotted.
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