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  1. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/acf-17113698 $85 a piece/680 for all. They are sitting there in a bag unused? Man i sure could use some lol
  2. Anyone have a quality injector recommendation to replace my stock ones? The ACDelco 17113698 replacements are pricey and i'm just making sure there isn't another option before I pull the tripper on getting some. Thanks guys
  3. 95% sure I need some new injectors. Have a po300 code that keeps coming back and flashing. I switched and checked wires and plugs. Used 2 bottles of seafoam to make sure they weren't just dirty. Anything else I could potentially check? I looked up the ACDelco 17113698 injectors that are the replacements and they are roughly like $85-88 each! Would it be better to just replace the ones that are bad or all of them? Since they are so expensive is there a cheaper manufacture that has as good quality as the ACDelco replacements? I see a lot of talk on here about bigger size injectors. Since I am already looking into new ones would that be a potential option for the ole war horse? Wouldn't I need to get my pcm reprogramed for the bigger injectors? Thanks for all the help ahead of time
  4. Interested in pictures if you have them
  5. Long and short if you have them lol
  6. Does anyone know the AcDelco plug wire part number? Im proably going to try the taylors but im just price matching
  7. Ok this might be a dumb question but what with the mm on the plugs bc they are all different. My ac delco say 7mm the msd say 8.5 and the taylors say 10.4
  8. I replace both wheel speed sensors and it didn't solve the problem. Would have been better off just doing the wheel bearings since it comes with new ones. Would have saved 20 bucks
  9. Got new wheel bearings on both sides. Abs light is off. Also learned that you get a new speed sensor when you get a new wheel bearing. Problem solved!
  10. My passenger side front spark plug wire touches my header and wears it out rapidly. Any solutions for this? Smaller/shorter spark plug wires? I use AC Delco wires and plugs. While I am at it any suggestions for upgrading the wires and plugs? Thanks
  11. Ok that makes it simple enough. What about the the tail shaft what am looking for.
  12. Ok thanks for the info guys! What are some vehicle that already have one? Also what kind of identification I use to tell if its a 4l80 and 4x4.
  13. So there is a difference between a 2wd and a potential awd one?
  14. I have a chance to pick up a 4L80 for about $550. Its stock with about 60000 miles on it. Should I just pull the trigger and pick it up?
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