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  1. Did you make it to FLETC safe and sound? Ask around and find the wee pub, im usually there on Wednesday for the military discount.
  2. I work in brunswick shoot me a email at [email protected] and let's grab beer.
  3. I running about 8psi of boost on the p1. My average milage is around 14. At 70 I get around 15.5mpg. At 55 I can squeeze out about 16.5.
  4. I have to change my belt every six months or so when the belt starts to squeak. I installed a belt that is very tight and barely fits.
  5. it happened to all of them, i think it was the batt connection. i will see as the week goes on.
  6. I have a brand new battery and it went dead for some reason the other day. Now today my guages dont work. Any ideas? 1. Is this common for the factory guages to go bad. Is there a fix or should I just replace the assembly? 2. Does anyone have a guage panel for sale? OK the gauges started working again. I assume i have a loose ground some where, any ideas?
  7. Good to hear from you, keep your head down in the stan there alot going on over there.
  8. I have a wheatley tune but any of the other tuners on the site will be able to square you away. only problems i had was from my mistakes during the install. I didn't tighten one of the tubings tight enough and forgot to reconnect the knock sensor after installing the injectors. But i never threw the code you have.
  9. It may not be the trans. I have had tubing come loose and it would cause a problem something like you have. I would check all the tubing connections. If not that go back over everything you installed and check all connections including any electrical connections.
  10. Im running the procharger P1 with the 4 inch pulley. Supporting mods are long tube headers, shift kit from Zippy and a tune from Wheatley. If you dont abuse it the transmission will hold up. I like the procharger, it was easy to install and maintain. The only draw back is the belt change, but it is not that bad.
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