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  1. IndySilveradoSS

    Replace Headlights

    Best bet is to buy a set of morimoto mini h1's and do it right. I did mine a year ago and will never go back to halogens
  2. IndySilveradoSS

    Milwuakee Tools?

    Not with the 3/8 impact, but I just got the M12 1/2 drive, and it's legit badass. All my power tools are milwaukee fuels
  3. IndySilveradoSS

    Under hood stickers

    Check LMCTruck.com
  4. IndySilveradoSS

    Wtb: Stock Ss Tip

    that is funny guys! thanks for the support
  5. IndySilveradoSS

    Wtb: Stock Ss Tip

    you need to pay me my ****ing money and not buy a tip d-bag
  6. IndySilveradoSS

    It's Official, Your On Notice....

    so as an update, i pm'd txss last week while he was on here (still..wtf??) and asked him where my money was, and he said he was working on it. still no payment, so if you all run across him, hammer him for me so i can get my money back. **Just read a post by TXSS that he is looking for a stock ss tip. How can you buy a tip when you owe me money???**
  7. IndySilveradoSS

    Tbss Intake

    sale pending
  8. IndySilveradoSS

    Tbss Intake

    someone make an offer
  9. IndySilveradoSS

    Tbss Intake

    sorry, here it is:
  10. IndySilveradoSS

    Tbss Intake

    here's a pic **This is the pic i got of it when i bought it, i just don't have my camera handy** comes like you see it except without the TB, has injectors, rails, all sensors, gaskets and bolts..
  11. IndySilveradoSS

    Tbss Intake

    yes, still for sale, i will have pics up later today, pm with any other questions
  12. IndySilveradoSS

    Volant Cai

  13. IndySilveradoSS

    Tbss Intake

    BUMP, make offer!! this thing needs to go!! I've got chevelle parts to buy
  14. IndySilveradoSS

    Tbss Intake

    it will add some, you will need to add a bigger tb,or use your tb with an adapter harness, but it bolts on with no other mods. some hp numbers that have been thrown out there is anywhere from 5-25 hp, just depends.
  15. IndySilveradoSS

    Tbss Intake

    Brand new, fits SS trucks, HAs intake bolts and gaskets, never installed. $200 obo, must sell