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  1. If its not consuming oil then maybe you got a bad pump. Also change the oil filter just in case. You can also do a compression on all the cylinders.. Find someone to check your codes as well.
  2. First of all, There is no such thing as a good camshaft without a tune LOL... As far as oil pressure, are you consuming a lot of oil? Does the check engine light come on or stop engine low oil pressure message appear? If so you may have a rebuild on your hand... Otherwise check/replace the stepper motor for that gauge especially if you already replaced the pump and have no other messages or codes..
  3. If I could find a way to post up my exhaust clip from my phone Id share mine... I have a video I posted on here from years ago but that was before I went with turn downs after the mufflers.
  4. Just starting to look at some upgrades on my 05 SSS AWD.  Where abouts in MN are you? I am in the northern suburbs and would like to meet up with the nicer weather coming.  Let me know if that would work for you.

  5. This is a little late. I started with Gibson headers, to e-cutouts and a cat delete with true split exhaust and two Magnaflow mufflers and it sound good and like a Nascar when you hammer down with cuts open but quiet when you cruise. The only problem I had was that the true duals kept bouncing back and fourth with the drown due to being unequal pressure. I then installed a 3" Magnaflow xpipe and she quieted down just a tad and made the exhaust equal pressure and sounds amazing now with no drone and banks battling.
  6. Me personally. I would put on the next one up from the lowest pulley you can put on for max boost and tune it from there. If its a radix SC instead of a 2.75 go with a 2.8 and tune it there so you don't have to continue to get retunes every time you want a power increase. I also us my tow haul button as a performance bump for racing.
  7. I pop in every now and again. My truck is a time capsule not to be opened until I die LOL. I've done quite a few things and made a few mistakes along the way as well. But as it sits it is real fun to drive. Since I don't show up a lot if anyone has any questions just message me and I will see it in my email. It is always fun to talk SSS with someone. I still get people asking if its new and they are surprised when I say its an 03' with 57k. Which just turned this summer. I've put maybe 7k on it in 11 years.
  8. Honestly as far as the transfer case goes, it will handle more than you plan to put into. I wouldn't worry about it until you start hitting 800-1000hp. The only problem that is common is the bearing wearing through the case on a few trucks. I cant remember the exact fix but it wasn't much. As far as everything else I agree with a T/A cover and such. I have 4:56 gears and my front diff is doing great still. But keep in mind my truck is not a DD by far so I cant help much beyond what I have read and talked about through out the years on this forum.
  9. I agree with monster on the stall and pushrods. Efans you can pick up cheap at a salvage yard from a grand prix or anything with dual fans in those years. I paid $100 for mine and just had to use a relay and wire it to the PCM. The stall and beefing up the tranny should be a big priority as this heavy truck will only benefit from that. Remember Horsepower is addicting so always leave room to grow. You don't want to be swapping out parts later that you can use now.
  10. Congrats brother... That's why I would never sell the SSS. I would regret it and buy another and it is becoming more and more rare to find one with less than 60k let alone under 100k... I am lucky enough to only have 56k on mine still and zero rust anywhere...
  11. I don't ever have plans on selling the truck since it is paid off and I have more money and time into it than it is worth now LOL... I will be off and on here until the last SSS is on the road and hopefully it will be mine still.
  12. Still love mine but rarely drive it. 56K and still runs strong. Needs new brakes now and I wouldn't mind building more Hp. Gotta compete with all these new vehicles coming out.
  13. Yes many have done it. The motor should handle a 100-150 wet shot reliably if done properly. The transmission will need a shift kit and servo upgrade, minimum to lengthen the longevity because the 4l65E is a great stock setup but once you add power adders its not if but when the tranny will go out.
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