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  1. I'd be down for a group buy also. Money is tight like everyone else, but for that kind of price I'll come up with it. I've always bought all my suspension parts from Tony.
  2. I'm thinking thats what happened, the plastic clips broke. How do you fix that?
  3. So today I serviced my transmission and now it won't go into park. I changed the fluid and the shift servos and filter. The shifter wont even go into park. It stays in neutral but the indicator is in reverse as well as the reverse lights are on. The only thing I can think of that might have happened is when I was pulling the pan I had to move the shift linkage and maybe part of the plastic in the holder snapped. Could this be the problem. I drove it around and it shifts perfect in to all gears but will not go in to park. Any ideas out there??? Larry
  4. Regular or Volunteer you still take the same chances. I looked into doing this a couple of years ago. Congrats man its a great honor. And thank you for your service as a first responder.
  5. I was waiting for Shawn to chime in on this. I've seen pics of his engine covers and they are awesome. Going to do mine like his as soon as I get a chance.
  6. I have the DJM 3/4 drop. Lower control arms and shackles and hangers. I pulled a car trailer (2500lbs) with a chevy S10 on it(3500lbs) and didn't have a problem. The only thing I had to buy was a different hitch/ Had to get one that goes up instead of down to even out the rear. The only thing I worried about was the rear tires. It tucked them right up to the fender. But I drove from Phoenix to Tucson no problem. I would recommend a shift kit though.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Today the SS became Meals On Wheels delivering dinners to the elderly. Had a great time.

  8. If I am correct. Thattallcanadian has that as his avatar.
  9. How about front inside door panels. I need both. And would you sell just the drivers seat?
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