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  1. Let me guess, you're in your teens or early twenties, right?
  2. Were you dropped on your head as a child? You obviously don't get it and, for the sake of this forum, I not going to debate someone the the mentality of a 12 year old. Case closed.
  3. I haven't done animation because a.) it's a lot more time consuming and b.) I think if everyone had a sig that was animated we might have to hand out Dramamine as each member logged on. LOL
  4. You know, the more I thought about your comment the more it just grated on my nerves so let’s cut right to the chase here, big man. You offered your unsolicited negative opinion on the sigs on this forum so I guess that gives me (and others) the right to give our (unsolicited) opinions to you. Normally I like to take the high road and just not say anything if I don’t agree with or like something but, in your case………. Sadly, forums are full of people like you who hide behind the anonymity of the internet to offer your unasked for opinions on whatever. Folks like you would never say the things you say to people in person because basically, you’re cowards. Your computer monitor and that vast place they call the web is a nice safe place for you to hide behind using some innocuous handle. You then feel free to “educate” everyone else around you about your worldly opinions on whatever topic is at hand. It’s been my experience that if there is not an open topic at the moment you’ll gladly start one. Case in point – Sigs on the SS forum. I would also like to take this opportunity to help you out a little. In case you were brought up in a barn by farm animals dressed in woman’s clothing, let me suggest that if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. You may have heard of that little saying. I hate to be the one to break the news to you but that was not written for everyone else but you. You really might want to consider showing a little class and follow the advise yourself. If you did that, people might actually have respect for your opinion when it was asked for. Imagine that. Interesting concept, isn’t it? Being respected for your opinion because others trust in your judgment. Just a thought.
  5. SuperSport Photoshop Elements is good enough to make these sigs, PS 6 (or 7 or CS etc) are overkill. I used Elements for a year before I got into full blown Photoshop. Elements, and especially your PS 6, are very powerful image editing tools. The only problem is that the learning curve in very steep. Most folks just give up learning anything but the basics (cropping, adjusting lightness.darkness etc) as it really isn't something they will use very much so they don't want to invest all that time. If you're the creative type you will love learning the program. If not, just learn the very basics so you can correct home photos of the family etc.
  6. Well, I for one, certainly appreciate your negative comments, sport. Would you suggest we all have one like yours?
  7. Just try and keep in mind that more is not better in logos. I can understand your desire in trying to "incorporate so much" but that is absolutely the worst thing you can do.
  8. Yeah, that really is a sad fact, Consumer Reports absolutely annihilates Mercedes having very little good to say about any of their products. Just the opposite with Lexus. I absolutely love the way the new body style looks on the SL. Couple that with that big engine (in the 55) in a small two seater and you have a monster. That said, because they are one of the premier automobile makers in the world I really find it really hard to understand why their quality is so low - continually. Truth be known, when it came time to actually buy the 55 (at almost $130,000) I would probably take a pass because of the quality issue
  9. LOL - Yeah, Chuck is an animal. I think he's great. Likewise Matt Hughs and Rich Franklin. Always routing for those guys. I'll have to admit that I like a lot of the guys - the ones I just mentioned plus George St. Pierre, David Louizo (sp?), Time Silva, Forest Griffin, Stephen Bonner. I think Silva is so "funny" when he fights. The way he walks and holds himself, he looks like a big lumbering drunk logger in some bar fight. So much for his "style." He literally kicks everyone a$$. It gets the job done and that's the bottom line in the UFC. I could not help but think about the pool fool who, not knowing who they are, makes this BIG mistake of picking a fight with one of these guys in some bar. Say, good night.
  10. I must say that it's extremely comforting to know that someone is out there who is so willing to quickly correct my "mistakes." I know I'll sleep well tonight with that knowledge,. 03.
  11. I haven't seen the 06 model, Joe. Did test drive the '05 430 (with the big engine). Absolutely fell in LOVE with that car. Leave it up to the Lexus guys to build yet another great automobile. That is on very short list for my next vehicle.
  12. Mercedes SL55 for a two door or a Lexus GS430 for a four door.
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