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  1. Wanting to buy a 04 silver birch metallic grill pm me if you have one thanks.
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/sbwRnquYq6lPe0tf2
  3. I agree most of them are being bought up and put in jeeps, rock bouncers, mud trucks, around here......very cheap reliable horsepower for a few hundred more than a good set of SBC heads....I'm painfully trying to find a decent one for less than $2000
  4. Here is my 06 SS clone project not going to the trouble of adding cladding. Just recently added a stepside bed due to my fleetside rusting so badly just would like to add a SSS grill and would be happy. Truck is a 4.8 5 Speed Truck with Longtubes Borla Xr1 and a tune.
  5. In search of a black 2006 SSS Grill if there is possibly one out there.
  6. Thanks Alot the street scene bumper cover fits 03-06 I wonder what my best best on bumper grills would be......guess I will have to order a set for a 06 and try them out.
  7. Ty for info I have the speed grills atm going for more of a factory look its on a 06 Regular Cab clone SS. Hopefully more people chime in.
  8. Looking to buy oem bumper and brake ducts for a 2006 SS just seeing if any are out there thanks!! Also buying a black 06 Grill I've been a member here for years just no posts I'm a 10 year member on fullsizechevy and performance trucks. This is what i'm needing but for a 06. My truck is a 06 but i'm using a Street Scene bumper so idk if makes difference on years or if they will even work but worth a shot.
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