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  1. I do have 4 OEM caps, but I won't sell them without the wheels. PM me if interested.
  2. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/zippyperformancetuning/
  3. Rays B4U

    SS top speed?

    Wow, this thread brings back memories!! I remember reading it right after I bought my 03 SS new. Mine stopped at 108, but after I bought a custom tune it would peg the speedo at 120 with ease. Not much activity on here anymore, but welcome to the site Erich! I traded in my SS last fall on a new 6.2L High Country. I miss the SS's uniqueness, but I sure like the bells & whistles, power and gas mileage of the new High Country.
  4. That looks like a "shopman1" bowtie. I saw somewhere that he might be making more if he gets a minimum order. He is a member here, pm him.
  5. I'm from back in 03 and I still drop in every so often, even though I traded in my 03 a few months ago on a new 19 Silverado w/6.2l engine.
  6. Wow, 20k miles, that's low, it must still have the new car smell!!!
  7. Hello Clay! Yes, we both are probably a couple of the only original members of SSS.com! It was a pretty lively forum at times back then, with Dylan and Lee getting into pissing matches, with Lee eventually leaving because of it! lol I was tiring of the SS and it's age was starting to show too. I had to have the top re-clear coated last year because it was peeling. And this spring I spotted what looks like another spot that might start peeling. It's has sat outside its whole life, so the weather was starting to take its toll on it. It was time. You have a couple of great projects in the works there! Back in my high school days a buddy had a black vinyl over red 69 Charger R/T 440...it's a wonder I'm still alive to talk about it, we had some pretty crazy nights in it! Another buddy had a 69 Road Runner with the 383 4sp, it was a light green color. I remember him having trouble keeping clutches in it. BTW, if you happen to hear of anyone needing an original wheel from a 68 Z28 let me know, I still have one from my old Z! Ray
  8. Wow Bob, only 36k miles, you never drove it!! Mine had a few miles under 71k on it and the dealership gave me 10800, so I was fairly happy. I had planned on waiting until spring to get a new one but when I saw this High Country I really liked it so I bought it. Might have been able to have gotten a few dollars more out of it doing a private sale, but then I would have had to have had it detailed and dealt with looky-loo tire kickers. Now that I've bought it they'll probably come out with another SS! [sigh]
  9. Hey Guys/Gals, The SS is gone. On Monday I traded it in on a 2019 Silverado High Country with the 6.2L. I'd owned the SS since it was new, bought it on 4/23/2003. I hated to see it go, but it was time. This new High Country has just a few more gadgets and doodads than the SS did, going to take me awhile to figure out how to use them all! I left the SS pretty much stock; changed out grey emblems and grilles with chrome ones, chrome door handles, and a PCM4Less custom tune that really woke it up, a true dual exhaust muffler! The only significant problem I had with the SS was the front diff needing rebuilt. I joined this forum in April of 2003 right after getting the SS and It's been a fun 15+ years and I met a bunch of nice guys/gals here! Enjoy your SSS's! Ray
  10. I've been a member since May 2003 and yes...this place has become a Ghost Site! The SSS's are getting old and the longing for the "New Truck Smell" is getting stronger and stronger. One of my biggest worries is having some idiot run into me and not being able to find OEM replacement parts, the clone guys have raided the parts warehouse's and the shelves are becoming bare! I've just under 70K on my mechanically stock 03 and I'm thinking about selling it and buying a new 18 Crew Cab with the 420 hp 6.2.
  11. Welcome from North Central Washington!
  12. WELCOME!! You might have better luck with your search if you post this in the For Sale/Wanted section.
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