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  1. A couple of months ago, I sold a set of 4 factory grey, w/center caps for $750. They were in like new condition.
  2. Try decodethis.com, your vin comes back as an SS. 03 SSS's were AWD only, so you might have a converted one.
  3. Grey, came off my old 03 SS. DM me if interested. I'm in WA state.
  4. What color of wheels are you looking for grey or chrome?
  5. Congrats on the New To You SS! I traded in my 03 SS in fall of 2018. Still miss it a bit. Take a look at Amp Research, they have a power retractable running board and they tuck up quite nicely when retracted.
  6. shopman1 custom made the grille emblems, he is a member here. His email address is/was [email protected]
  7. Clay, Yeah mine sat outside from the day I drove it off the showroom floor and I had to have the top repainted about 4 years ago now because of the clear lifting. Just before trading it in I noticed a real small what looked like a bubble in the clear on one of the door frames, so I figured it was going bad too. One of the employees at the dealership bought it and they park it inside all the time and don't drive it in the winter...it's probably loving it's new owners! Good to hear from you Clay! Ray
  8. Number I have is 15197873. This website has a sister facebook page called silveradoss.com, search facebook and it should come up.
  9. Clay, even though I sold Miss March 2009, I still check in here every so often. Good to see you're still here too!
  10. I do have 4 OEM caps, but I won't sell them without the wheels. PM me if interested.
  11. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/zippyperformancetuning/
  12. Rays B4U

    SS top speed?

    Wow, this thread brings back memories!! I remember reading it right after I bought my 03 SS new. Mine stopped at 108, but after I bought a custom tune it would peg the speedo at 120 with ease. Not much activity on here anymore, but welcome to the site Erich! I traded in my SS last fall on a new 6.2L High Country. I miss the SS's uniqueness, but I sure like the bells & whistles, power and gas mileage of the new High Country.
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