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  1. Well......that was a bust. Drove 35 miles hoping to see something nice and it was far from it. From 10 feet the truck looks good, but up close not so much. Salesman came out and the first thing out of his mouth was that the truck was "mint". Ha....after a quick walk around i found chipped and bubbled paint along the bed rails, clear coat pealing, chips all over the hood and the thing was filthy. He opened up the doors and all I smelled was cigarette smoke....no offense to those that smoke. I popped the hood and it was not detailed and when I started it it had a really bad lifter tick that went away after a few seconds. i asked the dude why he thought it was mint after I pointed out all the issues and he said it was an SS. I said so you guys are asking $22,995 and he said yes. I said well, it is not worth that but it would be about $16,900 all day long. He said that is ok, I can take you back to your car. No problem and off I went. That truck will sit there a while. My search continues.
  2. I agree. They have it listed for $22,995 which I know is way over market value. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hey man, Yeah i was looking at old pics the other day and really missed it. I see you have been busy. Nice job on the house. Wife and I just had a home built about 8 months ago. Thanks! The truck was mint when I got it so it was easy to keep clean. did way more to it then i was planning and did not want to drive it. This one will be a driver, but kept just as clean if all works out. Really want an 06, but have seen a lot of 03's out there. Don't want black, already have a black car and it is a pain to keep clean. Would like to stay local to avoid all the shipping issues.
  4. Yeah I don't want to low ball them too much, because they will just tell me to pound sand. I know they probably took it on trade for nothing or bought it at auction. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys! Been absent for a while and found myself wanting another SS. Had to let my Victory Red go to get my wife through college and I missed it so much I want another one. I found one locally which sparked my interest. 2006 Silver Birch with 81,000 miles. Truck looks super clean with 3 owners. Came out of Washington to Cali and now it is in AZ. Dealer is asking $22,995 which I thought was a bit high as NADA prices it out at about $18,000. Plan on checking it out tomorrow. Would like to get them way down on price so any advise would be great. Scott
  6. The cover is large so it takes a few times to get a system down on putting it on. There is a loop at one end that you attach to a part of the bumper or hitch if you have one. Take one corner and pull it down, move to the other side and cover that corner. Pull the cover over the truck to the front or back and secure around the other bumper. You will have to walk to the other side of the truck to get it over the cab. It fits pretty snug. I would always start on the back and move my way forward. After a few times it went pretty quick. I ship from work so I will have a quote for you tomorrow. Is that cool?
  7. I pulled this pic off their wedsite. This is what it looked like on my SS. Here is a pic of the two covers in bags. These have been stored in plastic bags so no dust is on them.
  8. These were a perfect fit for my SS and should fit all model year SS or 1500 extended cab short bed truck. I do not have any pics of the cover on the truck.
  9. Hmmm....I will need to do some searching. If so I will post them. Other wise I can post pics of both covers laid out as best I can.
  10. I have two Empire truck covers for sale. I had these when I had my SS and no longer need them. One is a deluxe version and the other is a waterproof version. These have been sitting in my garage in bags since I sold my truck 2 years ago. They are both clean with no rips or tears. They both have carry bags. These will fit any SS or 1500 extended cab with the same size bed. Deluxe - Sold Water proof - Sold Thanks, Scott
  11. Wow I can't believe you are selling this truck. I have been in this truck and it is beautiful! Well taken care of and quick. This truck was done right! One of the nicest Sierras I have seen. Good luck with the sale!!!
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