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  1. I check in once in awhile also. I still drive the same '03 Red SS that I purchased new which now has 213,000 miles. I still love this truck.
  2. Edelbrock is looking for test vehicles for their E-Force system. Models include SS trucks, check it out here on article dated Jan 29 2014 http://www.autoevolution.com/news/edelbrock-in-search-of-certain-trucks-suvs-for-e-force-supercharger-testing-75797.html
  3. I had the second post on this thread in 2003 and still feel the same driving the same SS, 173,000 miles later. I still...love this truck!
  4. 9 years and 167,000 miles later.....YES, I still love this truck!
  5. I've been away for awhile...but, how about bringing back the original SilveradoSS.com T-shirt which was black on white or the second generation which had a color graphic of an SSS on the back in Red (the fastest color), Black or Blue? These were pretty neat shirts and would have historic value. Sorry if this has already been discussed, I just checked back in with the site after a lengthy absence. Who's still around that I remember, Mervz, Zippy, Mwalls54 ????? Thanks for considering.
  6. Yes, this kit is equipped for use on a vehicle with return fuel line to tank. Use of this kit on an '04 or later without fuel return would require the purchase of the returnless fuel fitting manifold that bolts to the left fuel rail.
  7. Yes, will fit on 4.8, 5.3 or 6.0. You would want to discuss pulley size with your tuner in installing this 6.0 kit on a 4.8 or 5.3 125,000
  8. Yeah, One Eyed Jacks Sports Lounge on the Deuce of Clubs in Show Low.
  9. I installed my Magnacharger at just over 30,000 miles in September of 2004 and reset my business trip odo to zero at the time of installation. I installed a TransGo shift kit with servo upgrade at about the same time as the Magnacharger install. This past weekend I recorded 100,000 miles on my business trip odo. I have replaced a couple of fuel pumps (two intank and one frame rail mounted pump with the last replacement at about 108,000 and being a Walbro in both locations), other than that I have not made any repairs on my Silverado SS or had any drivetrain issues. I have conducted normal
  10. My reference to Sun Devil Stadium was being a season ticket holder for many of the years that the Cards played their games at ASU before the University of Phoenix stadium was built in Glendale.
  11. I was at the NFC Championship game. Great game. I think the two questionable calls or no call pretty much cancel each other out. Stuff happens during a game and the final score is all that matters. What a great experience. I don't have mcuh of a voice today. After paying my dues along with other Cards fans on the aluminum bleachers at Sun Devil Stadium we are really soaking this stuff up. GO CARDINALS!!
  12. P0141 and P0161 indicate an electrical circuit problem with the heater circuit in the number 2 or rear O2 sensors. Check fuse O2B in the underhood electrical center as it powers both bank one and bank two rear or number 2 O2 heater circuits. If the fuse is blown check for excessive current draw or a short to ground in the wiring to the rear O2 sensors
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