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  1. Milwaukee is the best power tool line you can get into. had a bunch of de walt garbage in my garage before them. 2 impact drivers had to be warrantied for basically going on fire. and the drill chuck on the drill wouldn't even hold a drill bit for a small hole. and the third impact driver smelt like it was burning whenever i used it. couldn't stand it anymore. i use the 1/4 hex driver all the time with a 3/8 adapter. it will take off just about anything under the hood besides suspension bolts. theres tons of videos on youtube about the stubby's. are you using an extension? impact sockets? there are 4 settings on the top of the tool. make sure you have it on 3. lol
  2. its been a while for a lot of us on this site lol. hope all is well
  3. sold mine a few years ago after almost 10 years of owning it. wasnt as hard as i thought lol. i do wonder what its up to. probably plowing the snow in long island with a ladder rack on it
  4. i know man we always had fun over there. hopefully we can all get together at some point
  5. Your truck is now 14 years old. Its not longer new with its 40k sticker lol. With a Vehicle of this age it is expected to have some issues. There is no car in this world that will be 14 years old and not have some issues. I had mine from 2006-2014, about 300 low 12 second passes on stock diff. great vehicle never had anything go wrong with it besides one stepper motor.
  6. I recently decided i would take my Camaro to pick up a couch. Since its a 2 door car with rear seats and a trunk and it was meant to do daily tasks I figured it would work. I was sadly mistaken and realized i needed to bring my Yukon. Wimpy car! Useless!
  7. maybe it being 13 years old has something to do with it also? idk but I wouldnt buy a sports truck to tow with. just me. thats what they make the 2500 - 3500 HD trucks for.
  8. who here remembers back in 07-08 the chat room at night around 7-9pm?? it was like a party in there like 20 people lol. the good days... now these trucks are used as plow rigs and work trucks
  9. 8hnpSS

    Im concerned

    3 speed trans (4 including OD) vs a 6 speed, newer tech, turbo, lets be real a 6.0 making 345 is old news. 5.3s make more than that now lol.
  10. ah the good ol days of being a supporting member. forgot that even existed lol its been years since i paid the subscription
  11. rust? i dont see any rust serious talk tho thats what a 3 year old truck looks like over here. i wouldnt worry at all. check the brake lines
  12. 100$ if your lucky. the hardest part is finding someone local who wants it and that they also have a big enough car to come pick it up
  13. i will be getting off weekends in about a month all good here doc! you work 25 minutes from me we should meet up for some brews one day
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