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  1. glad to see a SSS saved! Too many around MN rusted. People here just treat them as a regular ol truck. Good job on the work done so far! Where did you have the paint/ body work done? I am neighbor over east in Blaine.
  2. Dont waste your money on an fittings. Just take the old lines out and cut the crimp part off the lines. Under the crimp is a slightly barbed line. I used some good braided hose and clamps.
  3. drooling.. looks so good. sidebar.. what model is your lift? do you prefer a 4 post over a 2? would a normal ecsb fit on yours? thanks!
  4. The engine out of a 09 denali is a L92 (6.2l) not a LQ9. If you have an actual LQ9 its iron block and has cast 6.0 on the front of the block with 317 heads and flat top pistons. Just a FYI
  5. Sorry should of said not mine.. maybe someone here?
  6. I drop the tank if its low its not bad at all.
  7. any actual problem with a sensor would throw a code. I would say fuel pump but only sure way is to check pressure at rail. Most auto parts stores have a gauge to rent if you dont have or want to buy one.
  8. I run only 92 myself not ready for e85 yet. I am running 8 to 9 lbs of boost and am using a 450 and 80's and still have room left . So it seems if thats what youre looking to do then a 450 and 80's will work fine. I ran a -8 feed and used the stock feed as my return line.
  9. a 450 pump and deka 80's will probably be maxed right about your goal on pump 92 . BUT if you think you will want more build the fuel system for more now! 2 450's and 210 injectors will support your goal on e85 and have room for more. I myself am looking at a little john motorsports(LJMS) stage 2 turbo cam. I am only giving advice on the research ive done. I am by no means any kind of "expert". hope this helps
  10. Got the ol SS out of hibernation this weekend. Saturday went to our local Menards(home imp. store) for a sand box project for the 2yr old daughter. I had the wife, daughter and 300lbs of sand and my softball gear in the truck. (yes i use it as a truck form time to time haha) A sleek looking G37X was sitting next to me first at the red light. I told the wife I bet hes gonna race me. Sure enough we left the light he took off and i rolled into it spooling up and took him by a half a truck. I knew the ol SS had more in her if i brake stall it. I was hoping to hit another red, and we did. I reved it up and he look over and laughed and he was ready to go again. This time i was on the brake. Light went green I took off with a little chip of the tires and put the sad face on the man that thought he was fast. Took him by a couple lengths before I let off. He was a good sport both giving each other a thumbs up . Proud of my "old truck"
  11. hydroboost hands down is the best bang for the buck upgrade. get stainless lines too. I did mine and would never drive another ss without it. I might also do the 07+ tahoe brake setup on the front for 1in bigger rotor setup.
  12. Just got mine out this weekend and on Sat. had 300 lbs of sand in the box for a sand box (yes I use it from time to time as a truck) the wife and 2yr old daughter with. took down a G37X you shoulda seen his face haha. maybe should post that in STREET? Looking into cams...
  13. cut the old ones out. new ones going in are a PIA. It can be done... I did mine but it takes patience and some rotating of the works to get thru to the front.
  14. 1: Is that the only goal for the truck?Whats your budget? if it is, do the trans mods- shift kit and servos first at minimum!(If you think you want any lifespan out of it. The transmissions are the weak link on these trucks ) Or get a built trans or better yet go 4l80e. 2: cam only is not going to get you 100 hp. you would need some sort of power adder- supercharger, turbo, nitrous.
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