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  1. Looking for a shift kit. What are most of you guys using? I don't want it to break my teeth when it shifts cuz it's my DD.

    Hey dude i have a great NIB shift kit and servos for sale. Brand is trans-go shift kit, servos are vette servo and sonnax 4 th gear servo. Selling all for 200+shipping.

  2. Selling my NIB Trans-Go HD2 Shift Kit, has all the hardware included never been used. Also selling NIB Vette Servos

    , and Sonnax Billet 4th servo. All items are brand new, have receipts and boxes. Trying to sell locally first so any SoCal'ers let me know. If not i will ship out, need to sell ASAP. Selling all these for 200.

  3. It can be a fluke, delete the code and see if it comes back... First check all the wiring to the TB, TAC module (black box next to the vacuum assist master cylinder) and gas peddle. IF it doesn't come back on, it could have been a momentary issue due to vibration or road bumps. If it comes back quick, yes you will need to replace the TB or any of the other parts I mention. Most likely the TB though.


    Kool I will look into all those mentioned things, thanks a lot Rey I appreciate the input from one of the "gu-rus" of this site. Thanks again.

  4. Hey guys my sisters silvy threw a code last night P0121 , anyways i took it to the stealership in the morning. They wouldnt do a diagnostic check without charging me $105. I drove down to the pep boys and they did it for free, turns out i have a bad TPS(throttle position sensor). So i am on both here and pt.net looking for answers. I gave another reliable dealer a call and i explained to the tech what my problem was, i was having an idle close to 1,500 RPM, CEL, and a ticking noice at half throttle. so he informed me that i cannot change out the TPS i would have to buy a new TB. Is he correct or is he just trying to sell me a new one? Also, can anyone tell me what it might be, if i am going after the same problem or could it be something else?? Thanks fellas.

  5. got about 12 submissions already .. thank you all


    this calendar will not be FOR SALE !!!


    BUT !!!




    keep the submissions coming


    This is a great idea, ill buy one maybe two if its for a good cause.

  6. What's up everyone -


    I own an '07 black SS on the west side in Santa Monica / Culver City area.



    ...if any of you stole my center caps please give them back! Ha ha...


    Welcome dude from the San Gabriel Valley. And I would make craigslist my friend from now on. A shitload of sss stolen parts go for sale 24/7 lol.........seriously though.

  7. Off till friday!!

    Tomorrow- roubd up last minute items for dinner on thurs. Pumpkin pie, etc....

    Thurs-stay home help out a bit with the cooking, then play some highly addicting MW3 & my new game Madden 12!!

    work friday but I am lineing up early friday for a new tv I want from samsclub. Then head to work later.in the evening, ugh.


    Happy turkey day fellas

  8. Well if I can remember correctly, Justin @ BB told me when he tuned my truck for the first time. He said costco gas is good, nothing bad about it. any gas is good, as long as is not arco, thrifty gas, or any cheap/sketchy independent gas stations. I say go for it aaron.

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