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  1. Hey dude i have a great NIB shift kit and servos for sale. Brand is trans-go shift kit, servos are vette servo and sonnax 4 th gear servo. Selling all for 200+shipping.
  2. nice vid, trucks look badass!! wish i would of gone.
  3. Hey dude pm me, i still have the shift kit and servos.

  4. Hey dude i tried to PM you but i wouldnt let me, anyways if you want the parts let me know.
  5. 4L60E, all parts are for that specific tranny. Parts might fit 65e or 70e but not sure.
  6. Well would like to sell as a set, but if no one bites by friday ill pm you dude.
  7. Check out for sale section, selling my shift kit and servos. Need money asap.

  8. Selling my NIB Trans-Go HD2 Shift Kit, has all the hardware included never been used. Also selling NIB Vette Servos , and Sonnax Billet 4th servo. All items are brand new, have receipts and boxes. Trying to sell locally first so any SoCal'ers let me know. If not i will ship out, need to sell ASAP. Selling all these for 200.
  9. Kool I will look into all those mentioned things, thanks a lot Rey I appreciate the input from one of the "gu-rus" of this site. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks Aaron it's all good dude. Yeah I hope someone helps.
  11. Hey guys my sisters silvy threw a code last night P0121 , anyways i took it to the stealership in the morning. They wouldnt do a diagnostic check without charging me $105. I drove down to the pep boys and they did it for free, turns out i have a bad TPS(throttle position sensor). So i am on both here and pt.net looking for answers. I gave another reliable dealer a call and i explained to the tech what my problem was, i was having an idle close to 1,500 RPM, CEL, and a ticking noice at half throttle. so he informed me that i cannot change out the TPS i would have to buy a new TB. Is he correct or is he just trying to sell me a new one? Also, can anyone tell me what it might be, if i am going after the same problem or could it be something else?? Thanks fellas.
  12. Went out for my gals x-mas party, had too much 2x's!!!! Lol a bit buzzed.

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    2. wishminewasanss


      Yeah Juan, that will give all of us a reason to catch up lol. How about something after the new year

    3. JArias76


      sounds good to me just let me know

    4. JArias76


      sounds good to me just let me know

  13. Sucks to hear dude, ill for sure keep an eye out. I am close to monrovia, a lot of silverados have been stolen out towards this area lately. Any other descriptions on the truck? G\L
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