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  1. This thing is going to be an absolute BEAST! I have two questions: What are you going to do to the driveline in order to get it to the ground and what fuel will you be running?
  2. You might have better luck with an american chick for your avatar. Don't ya know It's the Olympics Aye! LOL
  3. You might want to do your research before buying a 6.7. The turbo in those things SUCK. My brother-in-law went thru 2 turbos and was about to need another one when he traded it in. His was a 2008 with less than 30K miles w/ a 6.7. He and I were both fans of the Cummins until that truck. Also he had chip, exhaust, and intake and my 2008 VMAX STOCK blew him away from a dig until 50 MPH.
  4. You're braver than I am in more ways than one. Props to you for taking on a tough install and those bastards over seas. Thanks for your service and god bless!!!
  5. I think it is a Street Scene too. I just thought since they're a supporting vendor I would give them a plug.
  6. SLP FTW!!! They have a nice one with no surround.
  7. So you're the guy with the funny lookin' tailgate. Nice runs!!!
  8. Where are you planning to have it dyno'ed at?
  9. Does anyone know how to disable the TPMS on a NBS Crew Cab? I have a set of 17" steel rims from an 07' classic and I want to run them with no chrome hub caps just the chrome center caps. (Just like the Police!) Discount wants $200 to install the TPMS from my 20' aluminums on the steel "rallies" and I have a tire guage that is a little rusty. Plus I don't want the flat tire on my dash and idiots lights galore whenever I start the truck.
  10. RAYRAY25

    New Slow Et's

    Pinned crank!!! That'll definately do it. Is you crank pinned?
  11. Please post the pics. of your powdercoated rims when you get them back. I've been thinking about that for a while and haven't seen any done. Your emblems look great.
  12. Do you have a link to them or a phone number?
  13. Did anyone here trade their truck in at Texas Direct Auto Sales in Houston? Black on black, '05, AWD, SS on chrome, missing engine cover, with bedcover and Bser Roll Pan.
  14. Using synthetic and changing it every 3K miles? I bet it would last a little longer. With the profit they would turn the could afford to replace the entire vehicle! We drive Chevy's! Change it once a year with the cheapest stuff on the shelf and it'll still make it to 300K miles!
  15. That's one fast 5000# vehicle! I'll be back with you soon to get my NBS there or better!
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