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  1. Unfortunately, I do not. Are you saying that the temps change automatically/randomly?
  2. Its definitely in the cluster. Not difficult to do but there is a risk to do more damage than good if you don't have a static free environment to work on the circuit board and are not careful. http://www.GMGaugeGuy.com
  3. Keep in mind that sometimes the gauges can cause parasitic loss and can drain the battery. Let me know if you have any additional questions. http://www.GMGaugeGuy.com
  4. This a common issue. Not as common as the stepper motors though. Let me know if you want to get it fixed. http://www.GMGaugeGuy.com
  5. Hey guys and gals, and happy New Year! A little while back I noticed that my website has been looking a little dated and could use a little update. I've been slowly working on it for the past couple of months and I am happy to say it is finally finished and live! Check it out and let me know what you think! https://GMGaugeGuy.com/
  6. Welcome! There's a lot of good people and good information around here!
  7. I'm still creepin' around here and there bud! Thanks for the recommendation!
  8. Manguson Superchargers RETURNLESS Fuel Manifold for all MP112, MP122, TVS1900, TVS2300 supercharged GM trucks. This is a regulated return style for all 1999-2003 GM trucks. This would cost $125 new. $50 Shipped
  9. FS: LSA Supercharger with snout and stock pulley. Spins Freely and rotors are in great shape. Came off a 2010 CTS-V with 30k miles on it. Made for rectangular port heads. Ebay sells an adapter for cathedral port heads. No issues at all. Made ~ 9psi on a 6.2L with stock pulleys. Blower capable of pushing up to 17psi with the right pulley set up. $1000 shipped!
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