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  1. Since I didn't make it for GM I am looking at going to this one.
  2. How did today go fellas. right now 50/50 if I am getting on the road in the morning. I know the show goes on rain or shine.
  3. Shit I hope it changes. Due to work I can only make it on Saturday. I did call Carlisle and they said judging will be on Saturday (rain or shine).
  4. I really hope the weather clears up. I think I just saw a 60% chance. When are you guys heading up.
  5. I know haven't been around but I am still planning on showing up again. If all works out, should have a set of wheel for this show
  6. Did a quick check of the lines. Some areas are rusted but no leaks from the lines. Will have to get the wife to help with the other part.
  7. Thanks for the info. No noticeable leaking fluid and the reservoir stays full all the time. I will get under the truck to take a look but last I checked everything looked fine. I will keep you guys posted.
  8. Good Evening fellas, I have a 05 1500 Silverado Ext Cab with rear drums (138,000) and I am having a braking issue that I am trying to diagnose. My current setup: Power Slot Cyro treated Rotors Hawk LT pads SS brake lines. I have bleed the system twice. First myself and then the 2nd time I took it to a shop. After each time, the brakes on the truck felt great for about a month or so but now the spongy brake issue has come back. With the truck off I can press the brake pedal and load of the lines and they will lock with no movement. When I do drive, I have to push the pedal father to the floor then before but the truck will stop. When I do press the brake pedal, I hear a loud hissing sound from under the dash when pressing the brake pedal. I have read that this trucks have rusty brake line issues and I am wondering that the rusted lines is introducing moisture to the brake system. Had anyone ever experienced this or any thoughts on what it could be? Sidenote: getting ready for GM nationals again
  9. Yea man but it is kinda of a a good thing. I was going to get the front bumpers repainted for another show but at least now I won't have to come out of pocket.
  10. So I get my 3rd place plaque in the mail from the show and some idiot decides to run a red light the same day. He is completely at fault and my air bags didn't deploy. Going to get her back better then before.
  11. Great meeting you guys also. Looking forward to next year. Man he did his thing during the burn out! Way to take king of the hill!!
  12. Looks like I took 3rd place fellas in G258 - SILVERADO - NON SS!! I will upload vid also of the burnout contest!
  13. http://s131.photobucket.com/user/96vteccd5/slideshow/2014%20GM%20Nationals Pics from today! Great meeting you guys in person! Enjoy!
  14. Although I am not an SS I will be at the show. Haven't been on the forum in a while but looking forward to the show. My good friend is bring his 05 GTO.
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