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  1. Hey guys, I havent been around for a while but im back Has anyone verified this?? I know that pin 42 is correct, but I heard the pin 33 did not actually control the fans on the truck PCMs. At least thats what I heard for the 99-02 PCMs, maybe the 03+ PCMs have pin 33 setup to be able to control the fans now. It looks like its time for me to rip out my crappy LS1 fans and put these in and actually have my PCM control it. Hopefully there will be a harness out soon in order to hook it all up and have it look clean.
  2. Shortening the links should take care of it for the lowered trucks. Whats the deadline for the GP? And is the price still $450?
  3. Stab 1 or 2 holes into the oil filter first, its makes thing less messy when you go to take the filter off
  4. Yeah when you are sitting at a light you smell the exhaust a little bit when the windows are down, but that might be because I have no cats, when you are driving, you cant smell a thing
  5. huh..? Sorry, I typed that in a hurry. It didnt make much sense but I think you understand what I was saying Ill try and get a video of my truck so you guys can hear it
  6. With my long tubes, no cats and dual spintechs, it doesnt get much louder than that, unless you just dont run mufflers
  7. Dont buy a truck that originally came with a v6, you will end up doing a lot more work in the end than if you would have just bought a truck with a 4.8 in it. that way you dont have to do any kind of harness work or anything, just swap them out and everything plugs in just like before.
  8. I tow my 4000lb boat with my 3000 stall and I have no problems. You just have to learn how to tow with it. You have to pick your gears more often than letting the computer do it because when it unlocks the converter you end up burning a lot of gas. . . I also plan on towing my blazer with the truck too.
  9. Nice K-5, I wish mine was that clean. . . someday. . . I know a guy thats looking for one, let me see if hes interested
  10. My headers came with 2 wires for those 2 with the clearance problems. Also If you twist the plug wire so that it starts to coil itself up, they fit in there perfectly, I have one like that and it works perfect, no problems at all.
  11. Your truck looks sweet. I really like thelook up front Do you know why exactly you had to remove your sway bar??? On my bagged 2000 I still have my sway bar on there. My truck rides really smooth BTW I love the way it rides, especially when compared to the way it was stock. I think if you can find the right pressure numbers for your bags, they will help you out at the track, because you will be able to "preload" the suspension because you have infinate adjustment of the rear end. Add a little more on the passenger side and it should help you out. Im assuming you are running slicks also?
  12. I have no cats. the truck runs a lot better without them
  13. Yeah I would say its pretty effective The lightning really didnt know what hit him. I dont know how but he thought i was relatively stock. Its not like this blower is quiet at idle. Im happy with it. The long tubes definately made a big difference as well. The truck is definately faster than I was when I raced that lightning. I think with my 16" wheels on there I should be pretty close to a 12 second timeslip. Bring on more lightnings All the rice rockets that go out to the street races are too slow, that lightning was the only thing that gave me a decent run, even though i got him by like 3 cars
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