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  1. Still have some, replied to PM. Thanks.
  2. My paypal is [email protected] send $10 shipped in the US if you want tracking its $3extra other wise i ship it out first class non machinable letter.
  3. Hey guys had another run made for the fb guys, still the same price $10shipped for 1 would really like to sell 2 at a time, they are ready to be shipped out now. Thanks for looking and damn i do miss the modding days.
  4. Damn thing1 still looking for cladding i remember back years ago when i was active you where looking for some lol
  5. Yeah not to mention it was my first truck so it had alittle sentimential value but had a good 6 years whit it. My current truck keeps me happy tho really need to start messing whit it again since i have not done anything to it in like a year.
  6. Well have not been on in awhile, just usually browse once in awhile. But just letting yall know that my old Intimidator was stolen last week and has not been recovered, probly in pieces by now. Just incase any of he parts pop up forsale, even tho I didnt own it anymore it still kinda sucks cause it stood out from the rest. Just wanted to keep yall updated.
  7. Right now lpp stainless steel headers are on sale for 399plus free shipping including the y-pipe. I had them on my ss, but if you keep the dual exhaust ypu will have to get the y pipe modified.
  8. Ill try and find a pic of the location but no its not marked. It only has the purple wire if the truck has the fog light wiring already if not there wont be any there.
  9. When you open up the fuse box its the D6 slot on the green gate, right next to the red wire. I forgot to get pics when i wired mine up, I also wanted them to work off the oem switch to keep everything like oem.
  10. I still have my passenger side ext. Cab door cladding new OEM. $100 If you ever make it down to houston
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