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  1. sandman

    Wiper Switch?

    thankyou for the info
  2. sandman

    Wiper Switch?

    My windshield wipers will not turn off. Had to pull the fuse. Some said it is in the wiper motor, others say the switch. Anybody know? If so, Is it a complicated job. Thankyou Sandman
  3. I am waiting for the insurance check. I may be interested. These are the 2003 SS aluminum alloy wheels. Did'nt know they made aftermarket covers. Please let me know the prices. Thanks.
  4. Sorry, I've decided to keep the wheels and get new covers, when insurance pays off. Thankyou.
  5. Had all 4 wheels stolen and recovered minus the lug covers. Stock 20in 2003 wheels. If I can't find them. Then I will sell the wheels alone. They are in mint condition
  6. I've got a piece of trash in the ac fan housing. Does anyone know how to remove it? Thanks. 03 silverado SS
  7. I was parked turkey day weekend and my ex- mother inlaw came up from behind and hit the gas instead of the brake. She plowed into my SS with my kid sitting on the tailgate. He jumped up and got only a bruised leg. Very lucky. My bumper is smashed in and my frame is bent, also the bed hit the front cab. Her truck needed a wrecker. It was an accident. Happy my kid is ok! But now the damage to the truck is sinking in. Insurance say's 2000 plus.
  8. Thanks BenKey for the info. I will send for them today. Is the granite with mettallic SS,s what most are getting for a black truck
  9. Just checking, been gone off and on. Can I still order a set of mats? If so I'll mail my check tomorrow. Thanks anyone!
  10. Mine are 40psi barely warm. Tire says max is 44psi. They ride and are wearing fine, over 3000 miles on them.
  11. just went out and opened my filterbox and it also has a large opening up top and a smaller one below. It looks like the tubing is near 5in in dia. I think I'll leave it alone for now.
  12. I tow a 5000lb boat with no problem. It's on a tandem axle trailer and is balanced properly so my tongue weight is about 300 to 350lbs. The AWD is great for the slimy boat ramps here in S. Fla.
  13. North Palm Beach, FL. Just saw another SS, for the first time down here. It gave me mixed feelings. It was nice to be the only one.
  14. sandman


    I went in to trade my 2001 2500hd 8.1L 2 wheel drive for a new 4 wd and saw the SS. I bought it on the spot. Besides the looks and performance it was the AWD that did it. I'm in the sand business in So Florida and at work got stuck constantly. Now I drive in my yard thru 8 inches and deeper loose sugar sand no problem. Also can pull out my 25ft boat on a dead low tide with a slimmy boat ramp. My 2500 could not do any of that. SS does it all for me and has the power to get me in trouble to boot!
  15. sandman

    body damage

    To the wizard, I got my insurance check and it was in my name only, so i gave the dent guy a try. It was perfect! The paint touchup I have to work on. It's very small. I'm going to save the bucks for the next time. Thanks
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