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  1. had my truck out at a cars and coffee meet few weeks ago.
  2. all my pics in my build thread are photobucket and they all seem to still work.
  3. 3m automotive double sided moulding tape.
  4. decided i didn't like the look of the smooth LED tails so i put on a new set of stockers. also found some NOS sylvania silverstar bulbs at princess auto in the surplus section.
  5. pulled the truck out to let it run for a bit, can't wait for the weather to get better so i can actually drive it.
  6. i wouldn't say fitment is like oem but they do fit fine.
  7. decided to change it up abit, picked up some led tails and led third brake light.
  8. Trucks been polished and put aways till spring next year. Few small updates happening soon.
  9. i like my 2 post more than my 4, really depends on what your going to use it for though.
  10. truck is getting polished this weekend, gave it a rinse and got some pics.
  11. finally got the ducts, grill and handle back on...... seems like 10 years later the truck is back together lol
  12. i got it from a member off here years ago, cant remember who. small update... got the tail gate handle and bezel back from paint.
  13. ordered a universal shift boot off ebay, used some banding and screws to mount it. shift boot needs to be at least 11" wide to fit center console.
  14. replaced a bunch of burnt out led bulbs in my cluster, steering wheel, climate control and headlight switch. going to be finishing the center console next by making a shift boot
  15. got the iss spoiler back from paint.
  16. got all the cladding back on the truck but still need to get the ducts, iss spoiler and tail gate handle back on.
  17. its been so long i cant even remember, i would have to take it apart and look.
  18. small update..... decided to remove front license plate so holes have been filled and bumper repainted.
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