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  1. I had both and the VINCI CAM gave me the most gain....I have a VINCI cam in my truck now with my TVS2300 running 10.6 in 1/4 mile....I would call VINCI tell him what you have and he will tell you what you need ,He will then cut you a custom cam at no extra cost .
  2. I run100 lb injectors from FIC they work good for my 20lbs of boost TVS2300
  3. Put away for winter months going to be doing coilover upgrade in front and rear new 17" race stars with 305/45/17 drag tires on all 4, so it will be ready for march track days...
  4. They are nice but four of them $$$$$$$
  5. What 17" rims and drag tires is everyone using at the track on AWD . SS
  6. not looking to do coil overs just QA1 shocks do they make them for AWD 03 silveradoss
  7. Does QA1 make shocks for 03 AWD silverado ss.
  8. Sorry ,guys no good news had some problems today PO 200 codes and throttle body closing during every shift ...I hate electrical wiring problems...
  9. Going to Beaver Springs race way in PA. on Sunday to see if I can run 10.50, if the track has a good prep I have a chance...traction issues with my M\H P275/55/R16 seems to be my problem ...
  10. Good luck with your new Silverado .
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