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  1. I didn't do that either or anything....
  2. Agreed. My last one was at 135k when I traded it in and it still ran like a new truck. The one I have now is setting at 97k and I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted at least another 100k before needing any significant work done to it. I agree with your wife too. I'd say tough it out for a while (I'm using that term lightly since you already have a nice truck), and wait until after you're settled in to the new place before reevaluating whether you want to upgrade the truck you have, or get something newer. To answer the original question though, to me, it isn't "too high" until the cost of keeping the truck on the road outweighs the reliability and fun of having the vehicle. I've seen a couple of these trucks with over 500k and still running fine, so your mileage isn't even close to what they are proven to be capable of doing by others. It's all subjective though, so high miles to one person may mean they're pushing 30k, while someone else doesn't blink an eye over 150k.
  3. Welcome. It amazes me how many of these things end up getting stolen.
  4. Agreed. I was going to say around $10k for the same reason.
  5. Welcome to the site!
  6. I'm a little east of you in North Central WV. Welcome to the site!
  7. I've got one. It sets on my entertainment center all year. Would be cool if it came in different colors, but I've got an Arrival Blue truck...so it works out perfect for me!
  8. Truck looks good. Welcome to the site.
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