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  1. i am in wichita falls tx(north texas). i am selling this because i am selling the truck man. thanks for the offer though
  2. I have the complete spoiler with the brackets and all the hardware to install. everything is brand new and I have all the hardware from gm and the brackets were made using the factory bracket as a template. I can have pics on here tomorrow. the spoiler is not painted, its black gel coat that has been sanded smooth. I will ship it to the 48 for $315. These go for over $900 from gm. I do accept paypal.
  3. $270 Shipped, need to move, already ordered new cam!!
  4. Yea you would have to get a new valve spring due to the lift.
  5. I have a brand new Bullet cam. I stuck it in my 6.0 and degreed it in on the stand but bought a 2002 ws6 is I am going a little different direction since the engine is going into a car and not a truck. The specs are 240/246 620/620 @.050 on a 112. I was putting it in my l92'd 6.0 but going alittle bigger now. I paid $340 from bullet but will sell for $300 shipped obo!! I take paypal without charging you the bullshit fee. I have the box and cam card. Any questions let me know. Thanks
  6. I ordered it straight from Tcs.
  7. I finally got my converter in from TCS. It is a 3400 billet converter for a 4l80e. Hope this thing works good for my 408??!! Thought I would sure it with yall.
  8. Wanted to share with yall my L92's I just got back from Richard at West Coast Cylinder Heads. These are going on my 408/4L80e project going in my 2006 Crew Cab 1/2 ton. I bought these heads bare from GM and sent them to Richard and he did all the cnc work and they turned out awesome. They flow 345 cc on the intake and 245 on the exhaust side at .600 lift on my 408. If anyone is wanting some bada$$ work on some heads, hes the one to send them to. Here are some pics of before and after. Before After Here some misc of the truck
  9. those are the injectors. i think thats what your talking about
  10. Here is a friend of mines 1967 Camaro with a Duramax that is getting down to the last minute of leave for Drag Week Saturday. This fabbing started about 6 weeks ago and hoping to fire it up tonight. The twins are off a new cummins diesel that are electronic varible vains that we had a controller built to monitor turbo shaft speed and control the boost through this controller. The motor has stock crank and pistons, aftermarket rods and cam and the heads have been ported to the max. The sheetmetal intake was built by a friend of ours Greg Young. We expect around 1000 hp and about 1700 to 1800 ft lbs without nitrous. I will get more pics soon. Mike Woods' (owner of nx) duramax mustang and this camaro will be heading to up to Drag Week Saturday and will let yall know how everything goes. Both cars are going to be in Diesel Power Magizine.
  11. i'll take the head gaskets. whats your paypal.
  12. Anyone have any pics of relocating their coils on the fire wall or where ever. Like to see what all has be done to get some ideas. Also where to buy the relocate kits. Thanks for any help.
  13. none taken brother!! thank you too bro!!!!
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