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  1. So we put in the thermostat for my friend's truck the other day to get ready for the tune, and it's still running at just over 200 normally. Any idea why? Would the coolant/water have anything to do with it? Same set-up as the truck I used to have and it ran 180 or just a bit over normally, but only hotter when running it hard or towing. It has been 100-110 degrees out here though, but I still wouldn't think it would run a constant 200+ because of that.
  2. He was already thinking 4.10s and a tune, but $750 for the different gears so he might wait. I think that truck really needs some different gears, but I guess a tune and CAI would do good for now already and then later add headers and 4.10s.
  3. He's got an '07 or '08 2wd with 31-33" tires and 3.23 or 3.42 gears, not sure which ones, but I know they're too low for it. He was thinking about throttle body spacer and a cold air intake, I told him it would help him much at least not without a tune. I'm not totally sure how much he is looking to spend, but I would either say 3.73 or 4.10 gears with a tune, or just cold air intake and headers with a tune, or best yet all of them. What would you think?
  4. I'm not the biggest on the looks of the Legacy, but maybe I haven't looked at the right ones yet. I might look at the Impreza a little more yet, but she is pretty set on a G6 again and I'm cool with that too.. to me it seems like a very good car for the money.
  5. I kind of like the Subaru Impreza.. but would think the insurance would be higher idk. Her dad is a used car dealer so she can get good deals on used cars.. insurance paid the previous car pretty good, but she has an insanely high hospital bill now.
  6. My girlfriend just totalled her '08 G6.. Good car and she's thinking about getting one again, but what other good options are out there? She wants a car with decent insurance price and fuel mileage.. I really like the G8, but that doesn't exactly fit the criteria. If it were my choice and I would help pay, I think that's what I would go for.
  7. Ok yeah, I've gotten a tune from Wheatley with Autocal before, but that was on another truck. I've been talking to him a bit about doing it like this too.. Might try blackbear yet too.
  8. I got the EFI Scan & Tune tool to tune mine and a few friends diesel trucks through another guy that doesn't use Autocal and might eventually learn to tune the diesels myself.. just not sure about tuning gassers. I know of 2 or 3 guys that might possibly be interested in a tune if the price isn't too high, thought it might be cheaper since I have the tools and would only need a tune. Who all does tuning like this?
  9. I've got a buddy who's looking to get a transmission possibly from Outlaw Transmission. Does anybody know these guys?
  10. Well it's for an '06 Dodge.. There are boxes that it should fit into. Don't think there are really any down firing set-ups on these trucks. It sounds like it would be a good idea to go with 10s then.
  11. This isn't for my SS, but I thought somebody on here might be able to help me.. I've got a friend that will sell me 2 JL Audio W3 12" subs for a pretty good price. The boxes I can get for my truck are a box for 2, with .55 cu ft per chamber, or a box for one with .69. I also read that the optimal air space would be 1.125-1.250 cu ft air space. What would be the best way to go? I've heard the second sub only adds like 30% to the whole bass, and for some reason I'm thinking the added airspace of the first if I just went with a single would almost even that out, and plus I would have some room l
  12. What? Yeah send some pics if you don't mind. Seems like I'm having problems getting pictures from anybody...
  13. Looking for a 6-dis Bose CD player for a friend. Let me know what you got. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  14. I might be able to make it too, not with the SS anymore though... Will know more for sure later on.
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