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  1. Sure, saturdays are good for me, I still have cali plates
  2. Yeah I wouldnt mind metting some more members from up morth. I woyld like to know if anybody does engine work or knows of a shop
  3. You know I get that alot, Ive been in cold weather and love the hospitality of most people up here, just saying
  4. I have family here in Duluth, just needed a change from the hectic life :-)
  5. Hey whats up everyone, just moved to duluth, did you guys decide were to meet?
  6. Hey guys. Just moved from cali to Minnesota about a month ago. Ive been a forum member for a while but I admit that I havent been active lately, I hope to change that. Any members in duluth or superior?
  7. now that its paid off i cant wait to start messing with it lol
  8. Hey everyone, like the tittle says, its been a loooong time. ive been busy the last couple years that i barely had time for anything. im happy to be back and i hope to make new friends with awesome trucks!!
  9. thought i lost the video, i shot it from inside while on the throwdown event enjoy
  10. one word comes to mind, 'masterpiece'
  11. WOW! i dont think their is one that i dint like thank for sharing
  12. wanted to drive the SS this weekend, cant anymore now that its gonna rain :(

  13. its easy to take of, four screws per duct
  14. http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/video/2012-chevrolet-camaro-zl1/1362554/ :drool: :drool:
  15. do you have am ultra sensitive alarm? if it goes of very often it will draw from your battery, thaT HAPPEND TO ME
  16. ive always liked those, thanks for sharing
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