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  1. JSTAL

    My Build Thread

    Uhhhh ohhhh someone's back from the dead
  2. If I was Brian I'd punch this guy right in the vagina. This joker doesn't even know what supercharger is on it. He cut the Corsa off with a saw zaw and sold it for 50 bucks. What a shame and a disgrace you are to what WAS a flawless truck. You never will recoup money from mods. You're a con artist with high hopes. Get a life dude. You will never get half that price you're asking. I hope that if anyone knew the potential future buyer they would inform them that they are being ripped off.
  3. Rob youre my favorite Jersey Shore cast member.
  4. Every vehicle i own sprayed99 has done the tail lights. You wont find better quality
  5. I wish i paid 30k in taxes..... The bottom line here is this new generation of people are way to sensitive. Bunch of vaginas. I blame Glee. Some of you need to open you ears and listen to people like brian, kevin, steve and danny. Youde be 100% better off for it.
  6. If the site is deleting members like brian and defending dumb ass members that consider plastidip a mod then **** em. All the originals are gone or will be gone and you ll be left with the morons that robbed a vato zone and run TB spacers.
  7. Why would you spray a silicone based product on your wheels. Your mother should slap you!!! lol
  8. Nope powder coating isnt glossy. OH guess what it only cost 200 bucks to do all 4 of these wheels. 19x12 rears
  9. I couldnt agree more with brian. If you wanna be the guy who never wins a trophy or ever get attention at shows or has the Zip tie Jerry rigged POS truck then by all means keep using plastidip. The crap that designed to coat the tools that you dont know how to use. OR you could powder coat like people who actually take pride in their work.
  10. just for that im gonna airbrush purple dicks in your taillights
  11. no way arts nuts dropped..... finally ahahaha jk
  12. im so happy to see it running... correct me if im wrong but i thought i heard her slip up and say "please dont wreck my truck"
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