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  1. FFHamptonSS

    Bristol Tickets

    Are the tickets $592 all together?
  2. FFHamptonSS


    I want obama to give me some money...that way I can put more stuff on my SSS!
  3. FFHamptonSS


    Buncha Dumb-Dumb's!
  4. FFHamptonSS


    Finally bought a CAI. I went with Volant. I like it the best over some of the other ones. It should be here sometime this week. I'm gonna get a tune next. I was wondering how much hp I should be expecting to gain from the tune and cai? I also have the magnaflow catback system as well.
  5. FFHamptonSS

    Members Come On In

    That thing is pimp!
  6. FFHamptonSS

    Parting Out '03 Silverado Ss

    What about the headrest, didn't see those are they for sale?
  7. FFHamptonSS

    Fs Silverado Ss Oem Head Rests

    Are the head rest still for sell?
  8. FFHamptonSS

    Exhaust? (Flamed SS)

    I have magnaflow cat-back system and it sounds great to me.
  9. FFHamptonSS

    Before And After

    It's still not an SS....
  10. FFHamptonSS

    Blue Sss

    Looks pretty good though.
  11. FFHamptonSS

    This Is Bad **s

    Thats a BA car!
  12. FFHamptonSS

    Finally Finished

    Looks awesome!
  13. FFHamptonSS

    Pictures Of My Truck

    Nah no beer cans, at least not in the bed of my truck. It was in pipestem West Virginia, thats where we stayed at, it was a pretty cool place.
  14. FFHamptonSS

    When You Try To Push 42 Psi Through A Honda...

    save the money, buy a 8 cylinder.
  15. FFHamptonSS

    Pictures Of My Truck

    Went to West Virginia this weekend for a camping trip. I washed and waxed the SSS before I went, and took some pictures when I got there. Let me know what y'all think.