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  1. Look for an LB7 that be the one to get. I would love to do this too, the VVT is wayy to big and bulky, it would have to be mounted down stream, wouldn't fit on the Intake and the variable vanes are a restriction. the best way to do what u want is to Clad a real duramax 2500, and lower it. ~Danny
  2. Quick question, I got married in August. Do I Have to file Married on my taxes? even though I was single for 8 months? I have about 12 thousand, in Itamized deductions, she Has Zero.. And I guess If your married, if One Itemize's the other has to as well?? I want to Itemize my self only. Thank's ~Danny
  3. I think they look good, bump anyway.
  4. Jus go to NAPA and ask for an "Eraser Wheel". they sell the grinder portion with it, cost like $30 total. NOTE: the best results when using an eraser wheel are at the lowest RPM. Do Not run it wide Open and roll smoke off that eraser. You are using it to peel! not burn graphics off. (Can burn your paint) ~Danny
  5. What all that gonna cost you? if you dont mind my askin? Thank's Danny
  6. ASP is going to be the most cost effective route, imo. I jus did the re-search like 2 months ago when i did my set up. the stock crank pully, they modify to 8 rib for like $200 or 220? You will takl to Lee down there. BTW, they will try tp push you into modifying your water pump to. I dont think it is nessacary cause it is a wider pully from the factory any way. I told them I was going to run an electric to get them off my back, lol. If you say your going to leave it stock, they will say that thats not the right way to do it, etc..... ~Danny
  7. Nash, The GSD is the only way to go!! Growing up I have had a total of 3. all with different personalitys. they are very easy to train! You need to be active. The GSD is a "working dog". You will notice a huge difference in there behavior if you keep them active. If you are not active, Do Not get one. not fair to the dog and they will not behaive properly. They all have been great with kid's. My bro's GSD, is skitish and protective. he has nipped people. I was kinda scared when my nephew was born, but my nephew is now 3, and he bugs the shit out of that dog, and the dogs has never done
  8. Yeh, I didn't think your stupid, lol .I have been a professional line Tech for almost 7 years, and My determination and frustration still allows me to "F" stop up like that. lol ~DannyYeh, I didn't think your stupid, lol .I have been a professional line Tech for almost 7 years, and My determination and frustration still allows me to "F" stop up like that. lol ~Danny
  9. Welcome! post pics of how bad it was stripped. On the bright side you got the truck back, and now you can load it with aftermarket goodies!!! ~Danny
  10. Sounds like you may be headed for trouble, Do Not screw the fittings in with the lines attatched, The reason they would not go in, is because they got bent. They need to go into the quick disconnect bout perfectlt straight. check the treads on the tranny now before you go further. Hopefully they can be cleaned up. If you keep trying your headed for "Heli-Coil land" no fun. so I would chase them with a tap now before it is 2 late. you may have to do some bending back on the line's to get them in. sometime I will put a big socket on the side of tranny and press the line against that, to
  11. A.) steerin column clunk= steering column intermediate shaft, or the popular overlooked item, steering column lower bearing. 5-10min fix B.) clunking on accel, check u-joint, go under the truck and shake them on the drive shaft, should be zero play. Or if you had a pinion seal done, the nut may be backing off? C.) rolling is common on incline, when your parking pawl latches, the weight of the truck will pre-load your drive train, in those cases, it is almost impossble to get it out of park, LOL ~Danny
  12. You ruin hole #7? Also they can upgrade the S-Trim? I may need that done to mine for my 408ci. I'll check there site. any info on that would be helpful? how much it cost? ~Danny
  13. A.) Where do you find stuff like this? B.) Why is her face white w/a tan Body? (photchop?) C.) prolly is a virgin, She is a "fugly" even on Alaska standerd's. Danny TZER you beat me too it. DAMNIt.
  14. Evil Unit! , Wouldn't haul a dirt bike fore me though .....or could it Danny
  15. Good Job Zippy! "It All About The Burnout!" ~Danny
  16. Nice kILL, I am also a member of that club! The Guy's Plate read: GORJUS. Any way I won, it was @ the track I think his best was 12.8. It is on video,in the street and strip section, under "12.6 blown408". So Good job, keep the american muscle on top! ~Danny
  17. very impressive! good job! What size shot? /// What were your 60ft times? ~Danny
  18. Yeh, I think it was the guy in the car. He is not going to admit to it. So do whatever work's for you? I bet after a few hits he will admit it? that's been my luck. You owe him one anyway jus for "mean muggin". And If you are non Violent, or he Is preety big, Find out who he is, and go down to the post office and grab a "change of address form", you can pick one up, fill it out, drop in any post office box and your done. Now he has to straighten out all the bills, etc. that he is missing!!! LOL Good Luck! Danny
  19. I logged once it was hot, my cpu froze during the first two runs, an i didn't know. I got two hot runs logged I beleive. Also I cannot controll the shiffting? If I leave it in 3rd it will shift to O.D on it's own? Thank's Danny edit: I included the run on this post palmer_drags.zip
  20. I apreciate the offer, I am running a 114in belt. but here is where the plot thickens. I had to switch the alt, back to 6rib and one of the idlers, they were smaller couldn't get the 114 on before. (Jerry rigged now). I am only running 8psi, I was running 10psi before. Kinda scared of building more heat? it was 65deg ambient and the highest IAT I seen after 3 back to back runs was about 110 deg. the return lane was 35mph, not enough air to get me cooled down, and the truck ran 12.8 @ that IAT. What ya think? ~Danny
  21. I am sure the present in the first pic was the best ~Danny
  22. Can you modify your existing grills? trim them, bend the xcess over and rivit them in closer to the front? I want to do the fog light, and I think my grill's will work, the are mounted toward the front, so I would think yours could mount the same way? Let us know when you figure it out! ~Danny
  23. Yes, Palmer/Wasilla, long trip! lol 10in / 3k stall (TCI) converter, 8 rib set up is on, Lost 2psi of boost going to your set up? probably going to order a 2.8in pully, thought the bigger crank pully +3in pulley would be about the same? BTW, I am still running a 6 rib belt, I know you were gonna toss in a belt, gues it never made it in the box .lol. I have been to scared to order a belt, not sure what I am gonna do on pullies, and what will fit. think 115in. be good? it measures 116 fully with tensioner out. BTW, buy a house, Chase. Now's the time. ~Danny
  24. Nice gift, happy belated B-day, I got married 8-8-08, we did our own vow's, and in her vows, she vowed to Always return my tools when she borrowed them! Yeh, I like to be able to find them too! ~Danny
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