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  1. Sorry guys, I forgot to update this. The wheels have been sold for over a month.
  2. Loose tires, Dropstars are gone. Only things i have left are a driver side visor mint condition, brand new black center cap for reps, 03 and 04 mint owners manual with leather covers, and steering wheel controls.
  3. Still have like new tires with warranty, visor, trailer harness,
  4. Re tune, but you can drive it, you just have to watch the A/F ratio.
  5. If your lowered I wouldn't go any lower than 30MM offset
  6. The only issue with a drop kit is choosing the right weight shocks. some ride really stiff in the rear. so I would call the vendor you are going to use and figure out what shocks you want in the back. I have to change my rears as the truck is to stiff back there.
  7. Still have another full set of tinted lights ready to go in the box. They only need a tiny bit of clear coat and your set. Text for pics.
  8. Figured it out, It was the factory heat shrink wrapped 2 amp fuse under the steering wheel.
  9. Glad you found it. Now its time for the 6 High Mod. I also have instructions and pics of how to do that with resistors. text if you want pics of where to place them. You will need to get a simple relay as well for the fogs, and fog light switch. 847-489-1982 Mike
  10. Your right, this site was on the move constantly. I honestly am part of about 5 other groups on FB and there are members here there to. The ones I have talked to and sold things to thru FB SSS or just Silverado pages are very nice. I do agree, I asked a question about a week ago and still never got a response, I had to look on Google to find my problem and it was a easy factory 2 Amp fuse that blew for my steering wheel lights.
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