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Status Updates posted by Krambo

  1. Did some shake downs / tuning this weekend on a TVS2300/built 370 at 20psi of boost in an 03 SSS. Wow! ...that is all.

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    2. Krambo


      The build will be outlined completely in the fall after the owner runs her at the track.

    3. Downeast Johnny

      Downeast Johnny

      There's a thread I look forward to seeing.

    4. cobster


      Hey do u have a dhc300 amp forsale

  2. Took the truck out for a little exercise this weekend! I keep forgetting how fun the truck is to drive. Maybe I should keep it....

  3. Detailed today, new parts on order, state inspection scheduled...bring on the driving season!

  4. new track times from the Black Widow coming soon!

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    2. Fireman31


      Soon? How about now?!?! LOL.....

    3. Krambo


      Still need to scan the slip and get on a regular computer...the droid is great but a pain to post stuff with.

    4. Cramer
  5. have a safe and fun new years!

  6. Sitting in the lanes at Atco with Fireman31

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    2. detjoe


      cant wait to see a sick time for you Kevin!

    3. Stitches040


      So I take it the Widow is up and running, and will make an appearance at LVD this 2011 season?

    4. Krambo


      Shuan, yea, should be able to make LebVal this year.

  7. snowing like crazy in the poconos today. first measureable snow this season!

  8. NOOOOOOO Luke!

    1. thomp62301


      Haha. Too late......... Just kidding. I just can't part with it.

  9. Broke out the VP C-16 fuel last weekend. MMMM, love the fumes.

  10. 4500 stall + 408 + 100 shot = almost eating the guardrail at launch!

    1. RockHead


      Now that is a good thing

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