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  1. Id wave to ya but I havent seen you on base in a while...
  2. its not too bad, no more expensive than any other domestic car. If I wasnt a mechanic I would be screwed though cause the tranny went out the 2nd week I had it, luckily I fixed it myself.
  3. I think I saw you the other day, youre the only Intimidator Ive seen since I got here 5 months ago. Ill wave next time I see ya- I drive a gray Acura TL right now. I wish I never got rid of the truck this acura has been a nightmare
  4. I want to find the person who bought my truck cause I still have a key for the snugtop tonneau to give them. I figured they would know about this site since they knew enough about SSS's to buy a badass one, but I havent seen it in the new member section yet. If anyone runs across a blacked out SS in the eastern NC area PM me. It was sold at a stealership in Wilmington NC (a ripoff scam artist dealership who sold me a messed up car BTW) Here she is: oh yeah it had stock taillights on it when I traded it in Thanks guys
  5. I got a ticket on base here in camp lejeune, it not a big deal cause theres no fine- but I had to get stock tails before I could drive on base again. What pisses me off is that theres literally hundreds of cars with blacked out tails here on base
  6. Im glad to see em back on a truck being put to good use, looks good man. I always wanted to get a roll pan on mine but never did
  7. Well this is just great, I was driving down I-95 last Friday (my birthday btw) and the trans on the acura went out. It started slipping bad and it was leaking fluid when I stopped. I had 100 miles left on my dealer warranty (30 day 1000 miles) so they are going to cover the repairs. I talked to the shop and it looks like its gonna need a new tranny. This sucks ass, I was supposed to be driving up to PA this week. Do you think the dealership should have to pay for a rental car for me? I mean if I didnt live in the barracks on base I would have no way to get to work right now. I already spe
  8. that is a sweet trailer, it woulda came in handy with my old car
  9. the neighbors must hate you
  10. they have it up for sale on craigslist now for $14995-- http://onslow.craigslist.org/ctd/1882284387.html It says it has 22's but they are 20's, also theres an interior pic from a completely different car on the page??? weird
  11. are these too dark? They are pretty black-- http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=65199
  12. I bought OEM silverado fog lights and mounted them behind the vents- I wrote a how to a while ago... heres my new car, im not gonna do much to it, just some appearance mods cause it cant be completely stock:
  13. I got an 05 Acura TL its pretty sweet Ill put pics up when I get time, my payment is $100 cheaper a month and it gets 31 MPG
  14. I traded in my truck yesterday, I switched to something will better gas mileage. I loved my truck but I was tired of being profiled by the cops on base and in town, getting pulled over and getting tickets for absolute bullshit reasons. I have to go to court this morning for a ticket for my taillights being tinted and my music being too loud.... Im getting married next year and its time to stop spending money on vehicles and start focusing on more important things like family. Im disappointed that I never finished the truck off with a turbo or supercharger though.... Once its listed for sale Il
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