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  1. Yeah, I was hoping for some reality. But I think you guys are correct. Maybe GM will get their head out of the darkness one day and figure out how to build a hp truck that’s not only marketable but trend setting. They should build one that sets the standard and quit trying to match existing competitors trucks. When you have the best in the field, people will pay the price. When you are at the middle of the pack at best, they turn away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. One day when I get....bla-bla-bla! Yeah one day when I get a 572 B.B. with a couple of spinners or a pro-charger and and a Tranny to pull it and a 4-link suspension and racing stripes and....!!! 5 lengths at 60! Not sure that was a bad running SS!?!? How many lengths are you used to getting pulled by??? Just teasing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 2018 SSS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Indy13

    VHO Work in Progress

    A timeline of upgrades I've done since I bought it in April 2011.
  5. Has anyone seen any VHO reps? I prefer 22's gloss black. Thanks!
  6. There's a couple of guys on EBay that are selling look a like Intimidator Spoilers. I was considering buying one. Has anyone used your brackets on these aftermarket types?
  7. LMAO! I need one of those for my wife's Envoy! Does it have a dog bark? That's the ringtone I have set for her on my iPhone.
  8. I'm totally with you on the drone thing. I was apprehensive at first about this system because of that. However, I loved the look so much, I decided to gamble on them. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with vertually no drone. Actually they're somewhat tame on the interstate once you've leveled off. I've never had anyone complain about the exhaust being too loud inside the cab. Don't get me wrong, when you throtle up, they're pretty racie sounding. With a fairly stock 6.0L, tuned and a K N (it won't let me use the "and" symbol) prior to this system, they sound great and I feel like it helped the performance more than any cat-back I've had before. On mild downshifting they'res a little pop like a mild backfire that sounds good too! I don't mean the redneck crackle pop pop sound! (isn't that a cereal?) it's very low decibel back fire. One other thing, I own a 05 VHO 2wd. Gibson shows this only for a 2006 VHO. I spoke with their tech guy, He said they're is a slight diffence on one of the head pipes. Again, I decide I try it and if it didn't work, I'd have to make a modification worst case. However, it bolted right up with no issues. Not sure what year yours is, but I think their system will work on all SSs and VHOs 2wd or AWD 03-06 anyway. I hope this helped for what it's worth good luck!
  9. Great thanks! If you want to PM me, or email me your address, I'll ship them out tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I replied via email. I'll post here too in case you see this first. Yes, I'll take $60. Can you send the money via PayPal? My account is [email protected] Let me know, thanks! Ritch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I've got a pair of NIB Gibson polished stainless exhaust tips. 2.5" inlet, 2.75 x 6" outlet. I bought a Gibson Super Truck Series cat-back system last year. These tips are the standard tips for the kit. Though I couldn't exchange them, I bought the matching black ceramic tips and never installed these. So, I don't need them and may as well sell them. They retail around $165 for the pair, they sell them for about $126 discounted. I'll take $65 for the pair, and I'll include free shipping to the lower 48, only! So anyone interested, or any questions, give me a shout. .
  12. Thanks Bad Ass! I got them off of EBay for $15 or $20, I can't remember exactly. Any color combo you want! I'm having matte black hood strips cut for it too! It's a Reflexxion wide cowl hood and know one sells any stripes for that hood, that I could find. So, I'm having them custom made. Maybe another 50hp??? Lol!
  13. Really? I guess I need to look at their site a little closer! If that's the case, I could always have them powder coated. I want to pc my wheels so, they would be a perfect match!!! Thanks for the reply jddmj!Btw, is that custom side exit exhaust on your truck?
  14. Hey All! What are my grille options for a Street Scenes Bumper cover? I've searched this topic, but found nothing other than the "mesh type" that Street Scenes makes. I want to go with the billet aluminum style, powder coated black. I've seen pics with them and know some guys buy the kits for the OEM SS bumpers and modify/cut them to fit the Street Scenes version. Is that my only option? If so, is there a particular brand that works better than another? The most affordable ones seem to be sold by eBay stores. However, to me, the most important thing is, which is the best to purchase for my application. Most kits seem to be the overlay type and seem to be more affordable. However, with the SS cover, obviously I have nothing to lay over on the 3 lower holes so, I assume some mount modifying will have to be done? On a side note, I plan on relocating my fog lights to the brake ducts and I think I'm going to get the round halo type sitting in a plastic, grille looking frame around it (pic attached). Could that act as a mount for the overlaid billet insert? Finally, Along with the bumper inserts, I'm doing the upper grille(s) also, which shouldn't I purchase a 5-piece kit all together? I've attached a couple of pics from my truck to show my set-up. Also, a pic of the fog light type I'm installing. Thanks in advance for the help, hopefully with your suggestions and experience, this will be a one time purchase!
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