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  1. Dayum Dude, You don't mess around. That's a lot of work and parts and it's turning out really good.
  2. I had my battery cables get a little bit loose and lost clock and dead key then truck started. I went to store and truck was dead and would not start or turn over, no power. It finally started and made it home. I checked battery cables and they had a tiny bit of wiggle in both. I tightened then up and no more loss of power or clock. That was a week ago and the truck still has trouble idling to the point of dying and nearly causing me to wreck. This truck has always acted up anytime I have removed power. Does anyone have a sure fire procedure for forcing a relearn? I ha
  3. Glad that brazen pos didn't manage to snatch your wife's truck. Hope every thing came out as good at the horsepital . Take care down there.
  4. AC been acting a little crazy off and on really for a couple of years. Rare though. But getting really bad lately with summer coming on. I had an idea it was something to do with door actuators because I would hear one slam when you moved form air to heat I know this can be a big problem to solve so I took it to the dealership. Turned out a leak on the high side where I see what looked like new 4 or 5 inch line. A complete new heat and AC control in the dash. Which looks awesome with the new brightness and all. Anyway flush refill freon and yada yada. I drove off with
  5. Not bad. Sounds like you have a good plan together. Have fun and put up some progress pics.
  6. The factory spare is a 255 75 16 steel wheel. Is that what you are referring to?
  7. I tried 3 more times with no luck to buy membership. I get to check out and pay and get the spinning circle for forever.
  8. I'll give a thousand for that POS.
  9. Anyone know where to get the stickers like the belt routing? Mine are all faded and curling up.
  10. Dayum Did you a spanking and a load of I told you so. A brand new transmission? Hope all goes well now.
  11. Welcome Pretty hot car you have there. Looking to see the SS come around.
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