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  1. DrLove38

    SSS Is Not A Truck

    I'll give a thousand for that POS.
  2. DrLove38

    Under hood stickers

    Anyone know where to get the stickers like the belt routing? Mine are all faded and curling up.
  3. DrLove38

    my new 33k miles arrival blue silverado ss

    Dayum Did you a spanking and a load of I told you so. A brand new transmission? Hope all goes well now.
  4. DrLove38

    Droppin by to learn how to SS (from NE)

    Welcome Pretty hot car you have there. Looking to see the SS come around.
  5. DrLove38

    New New Brunswick Canada member

    Great. Post some pics and we can talkπŸ˜€
  6. DrLove38

    Hello my fellow chevy fans!

    Need pics bad.
  7. DrLove38

    Thanks for the add!

    Welcome Still a lot of good SS trucks out there for sale. Several on here most of the time.
  8. DrLove38

    Supporting Member

    Just tried 3 times to pay for supporting member. It's not working.πŸ˜•
  9. DrLove38

    What did you do to your SS today?

    Cleaned air cleaner, MAF and throttle body inlet. Now if it will just finish relearning after having battery disconnected. Also cleaned around under hood including engine covers. I'm loving that Mothers Back to Black spray. I've used it on my Jeep,golf cart and pickup.
  10. DrLove38

    Some people...

    If they would have left the doors and hood alone.
  11. DrLove38

    Hello my fellow chevy fans!

    Congrats on the SSS purchase. Post some pics up. We need to see it. πŸ˜€
  12. DrLove38

    5th ward Houston

    Yeah, I gotcha now. Sure love that truck. I wished I had one. Coolest SSS of all if you ask me.
  13. DrLove38

    Lift a ss ?

    Yes they have. A guy from Lake Charles, LA He hotrods in the swamps big time.
  14. DrLove38

    07 SSS color options????

    No blue ones?
  15. DrLove38

    My lifted SS

    Welcome Ya'll really do get crazy in the swamp Huh?