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  1. Dayum Dude, You don't mess around. That's a lot of work and parts and it's turning out really good.
  2. I had my battery cables get a little bit loose and lost clock and dead key then truck started. I went to store and truck was dead and would not start or turn over, no power. It finally started and made it home. I checked battery cables and they had a tiny bit of wiggle in both. I tightened then up and no more loss of power or clock. That was a week ago and the truck still has trouble idling to the point of dying and nearly causing me to wreck. This truck has always acted up anytime I have removed power. Does anyone have a sure fire procedure for forcing a relearn? I had power off for about a week one time when I changed water pump and all hoses and it took a full two weeks or more to ever get right. Help, I nearly wrecked going to get a paper this morning.
  3. Glad that brazen pos didn't manage to snatch your wife's truck. Hope every thing came out as good at the horsepital . Take care down there.
  4. DrLove38

    Dammit Boys

    AC been acting a little crazy off and on really for a couple of years. Rare though. But getting really bad lately with summer coming on. I had an idea it was something to do with door actuators because I would hear one slam when you moved form air to heat I know this can be a big problem to solve so I took it to the dealership. Turned out a leak on the high side where I see what looked like new 4 or 5 inch line. A complete new heat and AC control in the dash. Which looks awesome with the new brightness and all. Anyway flush refill freon and yada yada. I drove off with with freezin ass air for a measly $1250.00. Most money I've ever spent on repairs. But what are you gonna do? Gotta have air here.100+ daily coming up. Back in the good ol daze I was scared of about 4 to 6 hundred. Like my Bro in law sez, just be glad you had the money.
  5. Not bad. Sounds like you have a good plan together. Have fun and put up some progress pics.
  6. The factory spare is a 255 75 16 steel wheel. Is that what you are referring to?
  7. I tried 3 more times with no luck to buy membership. I get to check out and pay and get the spinning circle for forever.
  8. I'll give a thousand for that POS.
  9. Anyone know where to get the stickers like the belt routing? Mine are all faded and curling up.
  10. Dayum Did you a spanking and a load of I told you so. A brand new transmission? Hope all goes well now.
  11. Welcome Pretty hot car you have there. Looking to see the SS come around.
  12. Great. Post some pics and we can talk😀
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