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  1. Nice, this video was for dealership display right?
  2. When I got this code I started with replacing the gas cap, and that didn't fix the problem. Then I had a shop do a smoke test and the told me the vent valve under bed was bad. I replaced it, leaving it in the same location under bed and that still didn't fix the light. Finally I bought the purge valve that sits on the intake manifold and that got rid of my light. I'd try changing the purge valve first, it cheaper and easier to do. And if you do the vent valve I'd try from under the bed first, before lifting the bed.
  3. No such thing as an OE 22" SS wheel. Only came in 20", any 22" you see is a replica of the factory 20s
  4. In the last 10 years out of the cars I remember owning I've had it done to atleast 8 or 9 cars. All have been done with 50% on windshield, first time I tried a 35% because thats what was available and ripped it off the next day. 50% is perfect I recommend it to all my friends and they like it too. I might redo the SS with a 35% 3M or if I can find for a good deal id like to try the 40% 3M crystalline.
  5. Welcome to the site, what part of nor cal did you stay in?
  6. Pacesetters and keep the few extra hundred dollars in your pocket or buy other parts, dollar to HP you can't beat the pacesetters.
  7. I know when the first generation box came they had some issues, and some of the guys with f body's extended the wires and moved it inside the car, apparently heat was a problem for it. I'd rather change the wheel also, how bad was it to do?
  8. Nice times, have any videos of the beast running on the track?
  9. I have the same engine on stand by. You can swap out the reluctor wheel or buy the converter box for about $200-300. I had an l92 intake and sold it and currently have an l76 but I don't think it would work with our truck accessories. You'd also need a new TB and x link if you don't already have one. And I believe the knock sensors have to be extended or you gotta make a new location on the new block. And a tune. I remember seeing the HP # s from these heads compared to an ls1 head and there were some good gains. And people were using big split cams for the heads. Idk if anyone's found a better rusult to date.
  10. Intake manifold, not the other intake your thinking.
  11. If your truck is AWD, your limited on how low you can go. RWD you can go low.
  12. Man you guys are some grill gods lol I checked out that forum you guys posted and man if I register, I'm gonna spend a whole lot of time there.
  13. How low are you trying to go? I'm 3/4 dropped with 22x10 factory repos on 305/40/22 all the way around. And that's about the biggest tire you can go on that offset and drop setup. If I ever get a flip kit I'll put it on and see if a 5" rear drop will clear the tires, people say it won't.
  14. I searched this a couple months ago also. He's in SoCal area. That interior is awesome.
  15. Izzy tuned it? How much power did it make, what mods?
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